How to Kill MySQL Processes in phpMyAdmin

There are many ways to monitor MySQL performance. Your hosting plan and access levels are the main determining factors in how you’re able to view MySQL processes. If you’re using a content management systems (CMS) (e.g. WordPress or Drupal), you may be able to monitor MySQL processes within its dashboard and 3rd party add-ons. Regardless Read More >

How to Secure Your Cloud Server Hosting

Opting for a cloud server versus a cPanel-managed VPS means greater control over your Linux operating system (OS). While you can modify Cloud Server DNS records in Account Management Panel (AMP), it’s your responsibility to implement further security measures. While cPanel administrators use Web Host Manager (WHM) features to harden servers, you’ll need to decide Read More >

How to Install GoAccess Web Analytics on Debian

GoAccess is a light-weight free open source log analyzer. Matomo and other self-hosted website analytics applications use PHP and a SQL database to manage web analytics data. Other applications including Google Analytics and Mixpanel store the data externally. GoAccess uses your pre-existing server logs to provide web analytics data you can easily manipulate within your Read More >

How to Open a Port in UFW

UncomplicatedFirewall (UFW) is a command-line frontend iptables manager, similar to Firewalld and ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF). It’s beneficial to understand basic UFW commands since it’s pre-installed with many Ubuntu-based operating systems (OSs) including Linux Mint. Those configuring UFW for a desktop system who prefer not to use the CLI can use the GUFW GUI Read More >

How to Check Cookies on a Webpage in Web Browsers

The web browser is a complex gateway into your personal computer and life. This is why we, and many others cautious about cybersecurity and information security (InfoSec), recommend you: Ensure your web browser(s), and all software in general, are up-to-date Know how to create incognito / private browsing sessions Use browser security extensions like Privacy Read More >

How to Stop and Disable Firewalld

Firewalld is a popular, lightweight command-line firewall for Linux server and desktop systems. We’re covered how to open necessary ports and services in Firewalld. We’ve also covered how to manage zones and more advanced Firewalld configurations. From the configuration guide, one of the most important related tasks for troubleshooting server access is how to disable Read More >

How to Change Your Server SSH Port

Have you ever tried any basic port scanning with Netcat, Nmap, and Telnet against your server or local network? If so, you know how easy it can be to check for open ports and accompanying services. And anyone can search how to find port numbers in cPanel software. Social engineering is being used more for Read More >