Create a Website for a Personal Trainer

There are many web design tasks that need to be prioiritized for a personal trainer’s website. Similar to certification continuing education units (CEU), you’ll need to learn more about analytics and SEO for your website regularly. Below we cover how to create a website fit for the personal trainer.

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Your Story

There are plenty personal trainers. Your bio helps a potential customer decide you’re the one they should contact to assist their journey to a better life. This can include:

  • Affiliations and communities – e.g. hometown, favorite activities, college
  • Certifications, their specialties, and notable continuing education courses – e.g. NASM, NSCA, ACE
  • Experience and testimonials
  • Why you do this
  • Personal records related to your target audience – e.g. marathon, circuit time, one rep max

Contact Info

Add social media accounts using the Customizer. You can embed Facebook or Twitter feeds to show activity. We recommend using a social media management web application to schedule and post content from a single dashboard.

Consider including your email address, phone number, and a Google Map if you have a physical location or work at multiple locations.

A WPForms contact form organizes similar types of requests for those wanting more information. For example, you could include checkboxes for specific health & fitness goals. You should secure email hosting to reduce spam. Advanced users may prefer Contact Form 7 for it’s security features.


Enable FreeSSL to show you care about web security and privacy. We recommend you purchase a SSL if you add an e-commerce site to sell merchandise.

Call to Action

call to action example

Consider a call-to-action contact form to jump-start your relationship with potential customers including:

  1. Name and email address
  2. Short description stating those who sign up will receive a short e-book PDF or similar teaser material
  3. Upload an image visualizing content the visitor would receive


Your taglines should relate to your target audience – location, demographics, and goals. Talk about the benefits for the customers without intimidating terms. Sell to the customer. Make it personal. Instead of:

Let me help you reach your health and fitness goals

Take it deeper:
I’ll teach you the workouts that killed my lower back pain and enabled me to run around with my kids more.

Attention busy VA Beach professionals: fast, effective fat loss programs tailored to your life and close to home.

happy girl stretching by icons8
sad girl exercising and big X by icons8

Use images of everyday people for before and after testimonials. Using intermediate weight lifters may cause potential customers to think you expect them to have a higher level of fitness beforehand. The pictures should also display a positive experience.

Videos and blogs help potential customers too far away to meet you for personal training.


Create and Embed YouTube videosworkouts, courses, etc. – to immerse people in the experience of working with you and allow others to subscribe to your channel. Active subscribers will share links that result in leads.


Podcasting is popular because people can listen while always on the go. You can easily embed podcasts uploaded to your server or external platforms.


Blog about new studies, health and fitness events, and other news. This creates opportunities to reach potential customers and gain search engine optimization rankings.

Try to create videos or podcasts regularly.

Learn SEO

Good Site Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easier to find your website from search engines. You can learn more with our SEO articles and official BoldGrid Easy SEO articles.


Integrate a web analytics solution to better understand where your web traffic originates and how to improve it.


Install WooCommerce to sell merchandise with BoldGrid, or install an e-commerce CMS on a subdomain – e.g. PrestaShop.

Create a GDPR-compliant privacy policy page if you decide to sell gear.

Affiliate Program

Join affiliate programs such as Google Ads and our affiliate program for extra cash. There are also WordPress plugins to help with affiliate programs.

Learn more about making the most of your Website Creator hosting services.

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