How to Change Your Email Account Password in cPanel

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For security reasons, we recommend you use a password manager to enable yourself to create long, complex passwords and secure them safely. Regardless, passwords can be forgotten, saved wrong (ever copied a password that added an extra space character?), or painful to share if needed (although that should generally be avoided for reasons of accountability).

On top of that, you should update passwords at least every 90 days. With VPS Hosting, one of the many security features includes the ability to set a required password strength.

Regardless of your reason, you can reset your password through cPanel or Webmail. This article will explain both methods and why each would be helpful.

Change Your Email Password in cPanel

Using cPanel is the best method if you have cPanel access or forgot the email account password.

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Under Mail, click Email Accounts.
  3. On the right of your email account, click MANAGE .
  4. Type a new password.
  5. Click UPDATE EMAIL SETTINGS at the bottom.
Change email account password
Create a new password in cPanel

Change Your Email Password in Webmail

Webmail to change your password is easiest for the email account user still able to log into the email account.

  1. Log into Webmail.
  2. Click your email account in the upper-right corner, then Password & Security.
  3. Type a new password and click Save.
Update email account password
Update your password in Webmail

If you’re looking to improve your email authentication, consider configuring the following:

If you have more questions about configuring your email account or improving your web security, please contact our 24/7 Live Support.

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