How to Add CalDAV/CardDAV Accounts on KaiOS

After you setup email on your KaiOS phone, and web browsing privacy, you may wish to add calendar events and contacts. You can accomplish this by syncing your Google or CalDAV account. This allows you to store calendar events on your server and manage them from other devices.

A related protocol, CardDAV is used to share contact cards for managing address books.

Please note, Managed VPS or Dedicated server with root access is required to enable CalDAV and CardDAV in Web Host Manager (WHM). You’ll also need to ensure ports 2079 and 2080 are open in your server firewall. Set Up the cPanel DAV Daemon before continuing.

Below we cover how to locate Calendar and Contacts Settings, add a CalDAV account, and update Sync settings.

Locate Calendar and Contacts Settings

Before we begin, you’ll need to find your CalDAV/CardDAV credentials.

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Under Email, click on Calendars and Contacts
  3. Keep this page open for later

Add CalDAV Account

  1. On your KaiOS phone, open the Calendar app
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Settings in the menu
  4. Under Accounts, select Add Account
  5. Select CalDAV
  6. Add your Username, cPanel Password, and URL from the cPanel Calendars and Contacts page
  7. Select Next
  8. Select Next

Now, you can manage events and contacts stored on your domain directly from your KaiOS phone.

KaiOS Calendar Sync Settings

There are two ways to sync connected calendars:

  • To update calendars manually, select Options, then Sync calendar
  • To set auto-updates, under Update Frequency, select Sync Calendar, then Every 15 or 30 Minutes

Remove CalDAV Account

You can easily remove CalDAV accounts from your phone whenever desired.

  1. In the Calendar app, select Options
  2. Select Settings in the menu
  3. Select the account name
  4. Select Delete Acct

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