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When working with your Wordpress pages and posts, you may want to create a link (also called a hyperlink) to another website, or even another page or post on your site. This is done via the page or post editor. You can do so either with the Text editor or the Visual editor. Below are instructions for creating links for your WordPress content.

How to create a link in your page or post

  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Using the left-hand side menu, click on the Post or Page menu. In this example, we will click on the Post option.
  3. Now, select All Posts (or All Pages) to bring up the list of existing posts/pages.
  4. Hover over the post or page you want to edit and click on the Edit link.
    click post edit
  5. This opens the content editor. First highlight the text you want to create the link with. Our example will make the words 'link to another webpage' into a link.

    In Visual mode, click on the link button on the toolbar, it is the one shaped like a small chain.
    create visual link
    In Text mode, click on the button simply labeled link.
    create text link

  6. A popup will appear where you will want to enter the URL you want to link the text to. There are three fields here to consider.
    URL The web address (URL) you are linking to.
    Title A text title that will appear when the visitor hovers over the link.
    Open link in new window/tab Checking this box will make the link open in a new window or tab instead of navigating away from your  site in the current window.
    create external link

    You can also link to another page or post on your site. Click on the Or link to existing content link to open up the lower area of the popup. If needed, you can use the search function to filter the list. In our case, all posts and pages can be listed at once. Click on the page or post you want to link to. This will fill in the URL and Title fields above with the correct information.
    link to another post
  7. Once you have entered the URL for your link, click on the Add Link button to finalize the link's creation. You can now visit the site to see your link in action.
    after link creation
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n/a Points
2018-02-23 3:55 pm

I am trying to make my text a link to an external SWF file and open in a new page. When I click on the chain link icon and it opens where I need to put the URL and make it open in a new page, it accepts it but when I go to the website and click on the link that is supposed to open the SWF file it says sorry the page can not be found. What did I do wrong, please? Thank you for your help

3,820 Points
2018-02-23 4:31 pm

Thanks for posting your question regarding linking to an external SWF file in a new window. I'm sorry to see that it is not working as expected. Unfortunately, there are not enough details to diagnose exactly what is happening. Are you able to provide the external link and steps you are taking (so I can replicate them) to further assist you?

Best Regards,
Carlos D
n/a Points
2015-05-03 6:39 pm

Thanks Scott for your offer to help. I was trying to hyper link a text on my webpage so it can open a PDF document which I had previously uploaded to the media library. 

The solution as I found was not that difficult.

1. First I had to click on the document icon inside my library.

2. This opens another page with lots of info about the document. On the right hand side of the page there is a box that contains the URL link of the document on the server. I then had to highlight the URL, copy it using the mouth right click.

3. I move back to my webpage editor, highlight the text I desire to hyperlink then click the chain on the menue to link.

4. A popup will appear where I will have to paste the URL that I want to link the text to.

Thanks for your support




I followed the same procedure i.e. I first 

n/a Points
2015-05-02 2:58 pm

I am trying to hyperlink the text on the webpage to a specific PDF document which was previously uploaded to the library. 

This procedure is not working in this case because the URL I am getting pertains to the library page NOT to the specific document I want to link.

Your help is most appreciated?

43,761 Points
2015-05-03 8:08 am
Hello Mohamed,

Are you trying to link to the document specifically? Are you able to provide a link so we can see what you are talking about? This would possibly help us better understand the issue.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-08-17 2:15 pm
I did that before reading this and it still doesn't come up when I view it so I'm not sure if it's something I'm not doing right.
42,943 Points
2014-07-08 12:41 pm
Hello Liz,

Thanks for the question! We don't really have a subscription process for our page at this time. However, please feel free to bookmark and then reference it when you need help. You can always questions, even if you're not a customer. We would be happy to help.

Thanks again for you time and patience!

Arnel C.
n/a Points
2014-07-08 3:33 am
Thank you so's a simple thing but I could not find it so am very happy ...sometimes it is tricky to find these simple instructions...the codex was all about coding the link in. And I'm not doing any coding yet, but I really need to start off with simple instructions. maybe you can help with that too. Can I subscribe to your site?

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