How do I edit my WordPress theme?

When WordPress first came out, it was more difficult to edit the theme options in the WordPress dashboard. The newer versions of WordPress include a Theme Editor that allows minor changes like Banner image customization, changing the Site Title, and more. Below will explain the Theme Editor in WordPress.

How do I find the theme editor?

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click the theme link WordPress

    Navigate to the Appearance > Themes section in the WordPress dashboard.

  3. Click customize WordPress

    Next, click Customize in the Manage Themes section.

    The theme editor WordPress

    On this page you can make minor customized changes to your WordPress theme.

WordPress Theme Editor features

Them Info WordPress

The first section of the Theme editor in WordPress is the Site Preview. The Site preview only gives you information on the Theme with some brief notes.

Site Title and Tagline WordPress

The Site Title & Tag line are for changing the Title and Tag line on your Site. This is part is at the top of your WordPress site.

Change colors WordPress

The Color section allows you to change the color of the Header and background.

Header image WordPress

The Header image is for changing the image on the header section of the site. If you have more than one image uploaded to your WordPress site, you can toggle back and forth to change the image from here..

Background image WordPress

The Background image can be changed as well for the WordPress site. If you have more than one background image then you can toggle them here.

Static Front page WordPress

The Static Front page allows you to change the type of front page on the home page. If you select your latest posts, you will se the most recent post text show on your home page. You can also set the Home page to be a static page that only has specific content added to it.

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