How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username

As you may have noticed from your work in WordPress, you cannot change a WordPress username from the admin dashboard. You can only change the email address and password for an account. However, for security reasons, it may be wise to change your username once in a while. So how can you do it safely and easily? You’ll learn how in this article.

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Create a New User and Transfer Content (The Easy Way)

Easily done, but time-consuming, this method completes the goal, but is not very graceful.

Using this method of changing the WordPress admin username, you’re not actually changing the username but creating a new user and transferring all the content from the original user to the new one. You will log into your WordPress admin area, create a new user, transfer content, and the process is complete.

As a faster, more secure alternative, follow the steps in the next section.

Changing the WordPress Admin Username in the Database (The Fast Way)

In order to complete these steps, make sure you have access to your cPanel.

1. Find Your WordPress Database Name

First, you will need to find your WordPress database name. Then, log into your phpMyAdmin account. Move on to step 2 below.

2. Edit the WP-Users Field In The Database

Now that you are in your WordPress database, you will just need to click on the wp_users table to edit its contents. Click on the “username” column and edit your current username. Be sure to save changes by clicking outside of the field.

Now you can try to log into your WordPress admin using the new username.

Well done! You’ve completed the tutorial. If you completed these steps successfully, you will be logged into your WordPress admin area and be able to continue your duties. Be sure to leave a comment or a question if you have any issues.

2 thoughts on “How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username

  1. After I complete “Changing The Admin Username in The Database (The Fast Way)”, must I then update the DataBase User and Admin Username in cPanel>Wordpress>Current Installations?
    Are there any other places where I should update the username after completing these steps? For example the admin email, etc.

    1. Hello and thanks for asking. You’ll want to update your WordPress password in Softaculous. The database password is different from a WordPress login.

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