Renaming pages and Structures in TikiWiki

As time goes on with your TikiWiki site, some pages may need to be renamed to better represent your wiki information. “Pages” and “Structures” are the basis of your TikiWiki site structure. The following sections will explain how to rename the pages and structures in TikiWiki.

Note! The page name is a part of the URL. For example:

The “My+TikiWiki+learning+site” part of the URL is the page name in TikiWiki. If anyone visits the old url, they will get a page not found. TikiWiki will not set up redirects on pages that are renamed. To have the old page redirect to the new page name, you will need to set up a redirect in TikiWiki.

Renaming pages in TikiWiki

Before shot or page rename TikiWIki

Renaming pages is different than renaming structures in that the page has a rename button at the bottom of the page. The snapshot to the right shows an undesirable page name of “HomePage“. The following will explain how to rename a page.

  1. Log into TikiWiki.
  2. Rename button TikiWiki

    Find the page you want to rename. Click the Rename button towards the bottom of the page.

  3. Rename the page TikiWiki

    On the rename page: screen, type your new page name.

    Click Rename.

    Final vies of renamed page TikiWiki

    Now when you visit the page the Name will be your new name.

Renaming Structures in TikiWiki

Different than pages, structures have to be renamed through the Structures section in the TikiWiki admin. The following steps will explain how to rename a structure.

  1. Log into TikiWiki.
  2. Select the Structure to rename TikiWiki

    Hover over Wiki and click Structures.

  3. Edit structure TikiWiki

    On the Structures page, Select the structure you want to rename. In this case the name is “html_tutorial“. See image to the right.

  4. Update Alias TikiWiki

    Next the “Modify Structure” page will have the option to change the Alias. The Alias is actually the structure name.

    Enter the new structure name and click Update.

    Renamed TikiWiki Structure

    Now Your structure will have a new title on the page. See image to the right.

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