How to find program configuration files

There are many different programs out on the web that you can use to enhance or create your website hosted here at InMotion Hosting. Each one of these programs has one or more configuration files that may need to be edited in order to get the results you want.

The location of the configuration files are dependent upon the program as each one has its own way of doing things. Below is a list of configuration file locations for some of the programs that are available both through our Softaculous installer program and elsewhere across the web. This list can help you quickly locate a configuration file instead of having to search through each folder.

This list will continue to be updated as we run across new programs.

Note that the paths listed for each program are relative to the folder the program was installed. For instance, if you installed Concrete5 in the location of the configruation file would be whereas if it was simply installed on it would be located at

4Images Gallery /config.php
B2 Evolution /conf/_basic_config.php
Boonex Dolphin /inc/
Concrete5 /site/config.php
Coppermine Photo Gallery /include/
Crafty Syntax Live Help /config.php
Cube Cart /includes/
dotProject /includes/config.php
Drupal /sites/default/settings.php
e107 /e107_config.php
FAQMasterFlex /faq_config.php
Gallery /config.php
Geeklog /db-config.php
glfusion /private/db-config.php
Hotaru /hotaru_settings.php
Joomla /configuration.php
LifeType /config/
Magento /app/etc/local.xml
Mambo /configuration.php
MODx /manager/includes/
Moodle /config.php
Movable Type /cgi-bin/mt-config.cgi
MyBB /inc/config.php
Noahs Classifieds /app/config.php
Nucleus /config.php
ocPortal /info.php
OpenCart /admin/config.php
osCommerce /includes/configure.php
PHP-Nuke /config.php
phpBB /config.php
phpFormGenerator /index.php
PHPlist /config/config.php
phpMyDirectory /defaults.php
phpWCMS /include/inc_conf/
phpWebSite /conf/config.php
PhpWiki /admin.php
Pligg /libs/dbconnect.php
Post-Nuke /config.php
PrestaShop /config/
Saurus CMS /config.php
Serendipity /
Siteframe /config.php
SMF /Settings.php
Soholaunch /sohoadmin/config/isp.conf.php
Textpattern /textpattern/config.php
Tiki /db/local.php
TYPO3 /typo3conf/localconf.php
vBulletin /includes/config.php
WebCalendar /includes/settings.php
WHMCS /configuration.php
WordPress /wp-config.php
X7 Chat /config.php
XCart /config.php
Xoops /mainfile.php
Zen Cart /includes/configure.php
Zikula /config.php

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