Creating structures or table of contents in TikiWiki

The previous tutorial explained how to create pages in TikiWiki. In TikiWiki, pages can be organized into categories that make the subject easier to navigate. These categories in TikiWiki are called Structures. This allows the writer of the page to create multiple pages related to one subject.

This is a fast and user friendly way of organizing your TikiWiki content. This is similar to creating a book in that the structure is like a table of contents and the pages and sub pages are the content to the subject. Next we will create a structure in TikiWiki.

Creating a Structure in TikiWiki

In Tiki 9, Structures are enabled so you can create them by default. The following will explain how to make a tree style structure with pages and sub-pages in TikiWIki.

  1. Log into TikiWiki.
  2. Select the Structures link TikiWiki

    On left side, hover over “Wiki” and select “Structures from the menu.

  3. Create structure TikiWiki

    Select the “Create New Structure” tab. Here is where you will create the structure. Enter the Structure ID and the alias for the structure, The tree is optional. You can leave that blank if you want.

    Click Create New Structure.

  4. View structures TikiWiki

    You should see a Feedback box saying the Structure was created.

    Click the magnifying glass icon to view the new structure.

  5. Edit plugin for structure TikiWiki

    The Structure will display nothing but an empty table of contents. To set the structure properties, click the puzzle and pencil TikiWiki plugin edit icon.

  6. Table of contents properties TikiWiki

    Here you can set the Structure of the Table of contents. Change the settings to reflect the type of tree you want to create.

    In this case we we did the following:

    – set the max depth to 3
    – give the structure an ID of 1
    – Made the order ascending
    – Show description yes
    – Show Numbering yes
    – Type is plain
    – Page Name Getting Started with HTML

    Click Submit.

  7. Add pages to main structure TikiWiki

    Now you will be back to the main structure page. Add a page to the structure.

    You can add as many pages to the main structure you like.

  8. Adding subpages to structure TikiWiki

    Next, Select one of the pages that you added to the structure. You can add pages to that page to create a sub page related to that page. (This will be clearer once you add the sub page to  page.)

    Structure Tree for TikiWiki

    When done, you will have a tree style navigation with your topics in sub pages for easy navigation. See the image to the right.

    Preview of link structure tree TikiWiki

    TikiWiki will automatically make a top navigation for the structure like the snapshot to the right.

This concludes the tutorial on creatung stuctures in TikiWiki. Next, we will discuss how to format the content in TikiWIki.

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