Enabling a Captcha for TikiWiki anonymous visitors

When administrating a wiki site with TikiWiki, you may want to allow anonymous visitors to edit your wiki content. When you allow anonymous visitors edit, you can potentially have unwanted robots edit your site, filling in spam and unwanted content. “Robots” or “Bots” are automated crawlers that scan websites. Some robots are designed to add spam messages and links in websites. These are called “Spam-Bots“. You can stop robots from crawling your site altogether. For information on how to stop robots from crawling your site please see our article on How to stop Search Engines from crawling your Website.

To prevent spam robots from editing your site and allowing the bots access to your site at the same time, you can implement a “captcha” into your site. A “captcha” is an image that contains text, that requires anyone filling out a form or submitting edit changes to type a special code in the form. If the code is not typed correctly, the form will display an error, preventing the page from being edited. Below are the steps to enable the “captcha” in TikiWiki for anonymous visitors.

Enabling spam captcha for anonymous visitors

  1. Log into TikiWiki.
  2. Admin link TikiWiki

    Click the Admin link on the left side.

  3. Security section TikiWiki

    Click the security icon with the keys.

  4. Spam protection tab TikiWiki

    Select the spam prevention tab.

  5. Enable the captcha TikiWiki

    Select the check box for the “Anonymous editors must enter anti-bot code (CAPTCHA)“.

    Click Apply.

    View of captcha in edit TikiWiki

    Now when a user is not logged in and they are editing the wiki, the captcha code will need to be entered to prevent bots from filling in unwanted spam data.

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