Creating and editing pages in TikiWiki

Once you have finished installing and logging into TikiWiki, the next step in building your TikiWiki site is learning how to create and pages. This article will explain how to edit and create pages in TikiWiki.

Creating and Editing pages

Creating and Editing pages is very simply in TikiWiki. This section will explain how to edit and create pages.

How to Create Pages

  1. Log into your TikiWiki.
  2. create-pages-tikiwiki-1-create-tikiwiki

    On the left menu, hover over Wiki and click Create a Wiki page.

  3. create-pages-tikiwiki-2-name-tikiwiki

    On the Create a Wiki Page, enter the new page title and click Create Page.

  4. create-pages-tikiwiki-3-save-tikiwiki

    On the Edit page, add the text to the new page and click Save.

How to Edit wiki Pages

  1. Log into your TikiWiki.
  2. edit-pages-tikiwiki-1-tikiwiki

    Navigate to the page you want to edit. Click Edit this page.

  3. edit-pages-tikiwiki-2-tikiwiki

    On the Edit page, enter the content for the page and click Save.


    Now the age should look the way you set it up like the snapshot to the right.

Now that you know how to create a page in TikiWIki, lets learn how to delete and restore pages.

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