How to upgrade TikiWiki from 9.2 to 9.3

New versions of TikiWiki are being released frequently. In the event you find your Tiki web site out of date, you can always download the latest version and upgrade the installation. When upgrading TikiWiki, you will need to backup your database and files. This will prevent any loss of data during the upgrade process.

The upgrade process includes, backing up your existing database and files, uploading the new tiki files to your server, and running the install script. The following article will explain the steps to upgrade your TikiWiki from 9.2 to the 9.3 LTS version (This is the long term support version, which is supported until November of 2015).

Steps to upgrade TikiWiki

  1. Log into TikiWiki and click the wrench icon at the top right side.
  2. Download TikiWiki

    Click the link in your TikiWiki admin section.

  3. Upgrade TikiWIki 9.2 to 9.3

    The TikiWiki download site will load. Find the latest long term support version.

    The url should be the following.

    Click the 9.3 link to download the file. The file you download should be named the following:

  4. Export the TikiWiki database

    Login into your cPanel.

    Go to PhpMyAdmin and backup your database.

  5. Go to the File Manager and select your TikiWiki directory and click go.

    Backup your files by creating a folder and moving them to the folder you create.

    Upload the file and Extract the .zip file.

    Important! Make sure you have the files in the root folder for your TikiWiki and not in a tiki-9.3 subfolder. The installation will not work if the Tiki files are in a sub folder.

  6. Upgrade Welcome TikiWiki

    Visit your Tiki site. You should be redirected to a url similar to the following.

    The “Welcome” page for upgrading TikiWIki will show. Click Continue.

  7. Accept TikiWiki License

    On the “Read the License” page, click Continue.

  8. Upgrade TikiWiki System Requirements

    Click Continue on the “Review the System Requirements” page.

  9. Upgrade TikiWiki set database credentials

    Enter the database name, database, username, and the password.

    Note! If you forget the username and password, you can view the username and reset the password in PhpMyQAdmin.

    Click Continue.

  10. Upgrade Tikiwiki install screen

    Now you should see the “Install & Upgrade” screen. Click Upgrade.

  11. TikiWiki Upgrade Review

    The TikiWiki site will now be upgraded. On the “Review the Upgrade” page, click Continue.

  12. TikiWiki general settings

    Configure the general settings. The general settings should show what you had in your database already. Double check the values and click Continue.

  13. Enter Tiki and Lock installer

    Finally, Enter your Tiki. Click the Enter your Tiki and Lock the Installer (Recommended) link to complete the upgrade.

    Congratulations, the upgrade process is complete.

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