Allow editing for the TikiWiki anonymous user


Visitors cannot edit preview TikiWiki

This snapshot shows the edit feature missing from the default TikiWiki installation.

Registered users can only edit TikiWiki sites by default. Some wiki software makes it default for non registered or Anonymous users to edit the site. TikiWiki is not set up this way. To allow Anonymous users access to edit your TikiWiki site without logging in, you can set the permissions for the Anonymous user to “Can edit pages“.

This tutorial will explain the basics of the user permissions. The following is a step by step instruction for allowing the Anonymous user to edit your TikiWiki pages.


Setting edit permissions for the Anonymous user

  1. Log into TikiWiki.
  2. Select permissions in the admin TikiWiki

    Hover over the Admin link in the sidebar Select Permissions.

  3. Click wiki in the permissions TikiWiki

    On the “assign global permissions” page, click the arrow next to wiki in the permissions list.

  4. Select the anonymous check box TikiWIki

    The list of Anonymous and registered user permissions setting will show.

    Click the check box for the Anonymous user on the row that says “Can edit pages (tiki_p_edit)“.

    Click Assign.

    Visitors with edit option TikiWiki

    Now a visitor that is not logged in has the edit capability on your site.

    These steps can be repeated for the following site permissions as well.
    file galleries


This concludes the basics for setting the Anonymous user permissions to edit. There are more permission changes you can implement in TikiWiki; however, we will only discuss the basics.

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