How to add the Featured Links menu in the TikiWiki

TikiWiki has the featured links module that is pre set to display links in a menu on your site. This menu can be added anywhere to your site. In this article, we will add the featured links menu module to the footer of your TikiWIki site.

Steps to add the Featured Links menu to the footer

  1. Log into TikiWiki and click the Modules icon in the Quick Admin bar.
  2. Click Add Module TikiWiki

    Click Add Module.

  3. Select Module from list TikiWiki

    For the Module Name, Select Featured Links.

  4. Module Error for Featured Links TikiWiKi

    Next, you will see a Module Error. To fix this error, select the Actions Icon from the Error pop up box.

  5. View modules TikiWIki

    Click View.

  6. Set the module TikiWiki

    Click the Change them here checkbox and click Set.

    Featured Links Enabled TikiWiki

    The Preference feature featuredLinks enabled will confirm the module was enabled.

  7. List of Modules TikiWIki

    The featured_links module will show in the list of modules for the page location.

    To add links to the featured_links, visit tiki-admin_links.php in your browser. Simply append the tiki-admin_links.php to the end of your TikiWiki home page similar to the following.

  8. Adding links to the featured Links TikiWIki

    Add the URL and Title for the link you want to add and click save.

  9. List of URLS in Featured Links TikiWiki

    Repeat the last step in adding links to the featured_links till you have a list of links you want to display in the footer.

    Final view of Featured Links tikiwiki

    Now your Featured links will display as a menu in your footer like the snapshot to the right.

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