How to assign moderators to forums in phpBB 3.0

In the beginning, you may be able to administer your forums by yourself. As your community grows, however, you may want to begin assigning individual moderators or moderation groups to your forums.  You can assign moderator privilges to either indivirual users or groups, and you can assign moderators either globally, or to individual forums. Below are our instructions on assigning moderator permissions to users and groups and assigning them to forums within your phpBB community.

Assigning moderators to forums

  1. Log into your phpBB admin dashboard.
  2. From there, click on the Permissions tab if the screen is not already focused on it.
  3. This leads you to the Permissions tab where you will see a list of categories in a sidebar on the left hand side. Locate and click on the Forum Moderators link found under the Forum Based Permissions section.
    click on forum moderators
  4. This leads you to the Forum Moderators screen. You will see a list of forums where you can choose either one or multiple forums to work with. You can also choose a forum from the lower dropdown which will automatically include any subforums. For our example, we are selecting the forum named Your New Forum for adding moderators. Click the Submit button to continue to the next phase.
    select form for adding moderators
  5. Now we are taken to the Forum Moderators assignement page. The top windows display the users and groups that have moderator permissions for your selected forums. The lower windows display the users or groups you can select to add moderator permissions to.  Highlight your desired groups or users and click on the Add Permissions button to continuet. We are choosing to add the Global Moderators group to this forum.
    add new forum moderators
  6. From this screen, we choose which moderator role to assign our Glboal Moderators group. There are five moderator roles to select from. Once you select the desired role, click on the Apply all permissions button.
    select moderator role
    No role assignedThis role should be selected if you wish to assign custom permissions. To view the permissions list for selection, click the Advanced Permissions link.
    Standard ModeratorHas all moderator privileges except the ability to change post authors or ban users.
    Simple ModeratorHas basic moderaton privileges, but cannot approve posts, change authors, nor can they lock, merge, move, or split topics.
    Full ModeratorHas all moderation privileges.
    Queue ModeratorCan simply approve and edit posts, but has no other moderation permissions.

    Your user or group should now receive the selected moderation permissions. Returning to the Forum Moderator list screen for the forum now shows our Global Moderators in the upper group window, indicating it has moderator permissions.
    moderator group added to forum

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