Fixing “The specified forum image does not exist” error in phpBB

Warning image deos not exist error phpBB

When editing or creating a forum in phpBB, you may encounter the following error: (See image to the right)

   Warning The specified forum image does not exist

What causes this Warning?

This error is caused by a broken image link in your phpBB forum settings or a missing image file on your server. Simply removing the link will fix it. If you want the image to shop you will need to upload the image to the server again.

Fixing the Warning

This error can be fixed a couple ways. One way is to remove the image link from the Forum image box and the other is to upload the correct image. Below are two options for fixing “The specified forum image does not exist” warning in phpBB.

Option 1: Removing the Forum image url/filename

  1. Log into your phpBB Administrator Control Panel (ACP).
  2. Select Forum Tab phpBB

    Click the Forums tab at the top right.

  3. Select teh edit button phpBB

    Select the Edit icon in the right section of the forum category.

  4. Remove the old image name phpBB

    Remove the Forum Image name from the text box.

    Save the changes.

Option 2: Uploading a new Forum image to the server

  1. Upload the image to your server.Upload new image to server phpBB

    In this example we uploaded an image to the /images folder.

  2. Log into your phpBB Administrator Control Panel (ACP).
  3. Click the Forums tab and edit a forum category.
  4. Fixed the error phpBB

    Type the location to the specific file in the Forum Image text box. In this example the following is used:


    Save the changes. Now you should see your image below the Forum Image box.

2 thoughts on “Fixing “The specified forum image does not exist” error in phpBB

    1. Sorry to hear that it’s still an issue Martin. Have you tried making a copy of the image with a different file name and also changing the path listed to the new image name? That works for me sometimes when I’m having a similar issue in other forum management software.

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