How to Setup SMTP Settings in phpBB

Your phpBB website has the ability to send email notifications, using your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings. In this guide we will show you how to setup your SMTP settings in phpBB. You will then be able to send email notifications from your phpBB website. Setting up SMTP in phpBB Login to your phpBB Read More >

How to create and manage user ranks in phpBB 3.0

When working with users in your phpBB board site, you may wish to segregate users into different ranks. Ranks are simply titles that are achieved when a user has posted a specific number of posts. They are more or entertainment than anything and do not grant special privileges in and of themselved. In the instructions Read More >

How to change your group’s display color in phpBB

When working with different user groups in phpBB, you can assign a group color so that the members of that group appear with a specific color when logged into the site. Below is a quick tutorial that explains how to change a groups color in phpbb. Changing the group color in phpBB Log into your Read More >

Adding permissions to your specific phpBB group

After creating your new user group, you will want to assign permissions for the members of that group. The permissions come in three categories, user, global moderator, and administrative. Follow the guide below as we show you how to add permissions to your new usergroup. How to add permissions to usergroups in phpBB First, log Read More >

How to manage new account activation in phpBB

As your site becomes more popular and begins to attract new members, you may want to set up an activation system before new members are approved. This can keep your site from becoming infested with fake accounts that people will use for spam. At the very least it can ensure that members signing up are Read More >

How to bypass the Newly Registered Users group in phpBB

By default, new users are automatically part of a group named Newly Registered Users. This group typically requires that the posts they create be approved before they are posted on the forums. You may not want to make users have to graduate from the Newly Registered Users group after a certain number fo posts. Below Read More >

How to set my default phpBB user group

As a phpBB admin, you have the ability to change which group in a user’s group list will be their default. The default group dictates how the user will display when logged into the site. For instance, a user is in both Registered Users and Moderators groups. Their default group is the Registered User group, Read More >

Allowing email reuse in phpBB

When adding users to a phpBB forum, when testing or debugging your user registrations, you may run into an errors like the following. The entered email address is already in use. This error occurs when you try to enter the same email address multiple times when registering user accounts. When you are running tests on Read More >

How to Modify the Registration Page Text in phpBB

After installing your phpbb and getting your first basic forums set up, it is time to begin customizing your site to be your own. While at first you may think of color schemes, logos, and themes, you may also want to consider the text on your site. The registration page gives your users the terms Read More >

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