How to Modify the Registration Page Text in phpBB

After installing your phpbb and getting your first basic forums set up, it is time to begin customizing your site to be your own. While at first you may think of color schemes, logos, and themes, you may also want to consider the text on your site. The registration page gives your users the terms and conditions under which they are registering for the site. Although the standard text is very good, you may want to add your own conditions or flair. Below are the steps on how to make changes to your registration text in phpBB.

Changing the Registration Page Text in phpBB3

  1. First, log into your cPanel dashboard
  2. From the cpanel main page, find and enter the File Manager.
  3. From within the File Manager, you will need to locate your root folder for your phpBB application. Most often, this is the root folder for your domain, but if you have the phpbb appliation under a subfolder, be sure to click on that foler to enter it as well. In our case, our domain’s root is at the public_html/phpbb folder.
  4. Now that you are in the root folder for your phpBB site, locate and click on the languages folder, then click on the folder for the particular language you are using for your site. For example, if you are using English, the folder will be named en.
  5. From inside the base language folder (inour example we are in the public_html/phpbb/languages/en folder), you will see various files. Find the ucp.php file and open it for editing.
  6. From inside the editor, you can see there are many different variables and the text for them inside this file. Look for the text for the TERMS_OF_USE_CONTENT section (this is around line 40 in the file). From here you can add or change text. For example purposes we will be adding the highlighted text below: ADDED TEXT!!!
  7. Once you have added or change the text as desired, click the Save Changes button located in the upper right corner of the screen. This saves your changes so the next person who registers with your site will see the new text. Below is a screen shot of the registration page before and after making the change in our example.

    registration text before change

    new registration text after change

2 thoughts on “How to Modify the Registration Page Text in phpBB

  1. I tried this.. sure enough, the modified text showed on the registration screen, but unfortunately I got error messages as well, something about ucp.php file was modified but is initiated from a different source??  Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to save off the original ucp file before making changes.


    Wonder if anyone else has had the same experience?

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