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If you had email hosting from a previous hosting provider it is likely you had an email account. You can transfer those emails to your InMotion Hosting account. There are different ways to migrate your existing emails.  One way to configure the accounts in an email client and copy the emails to our servers.  We are going to show you how to do this using the Thunderbird email client.  Other clients such as Outlook have the same basic functionality.

How do I transfer my emails using Thunderbird?

Before we get started you will need to create an email account, you will first need to create an email account in cPanel.  Next open your preferred email client such as Thunderbird.  It's important to set up your old email hosting in your email client as an IMAP account.  Make sure this is done before you cancel your hosting with your previous provider or you will lose your emails.  Next, set up a new email account but with the account pointed to our servers.  We have articles on how to set up different clients in our Knowledge Base.  For this example, we willset up an email account in Thunderbird.

When configuring the accounts, use your servers' hostnames as the incoming and outgoing mail servers. For example, the average user will use as their incoming and outgoing server name. either points to InMotion Hosting or your previous server, not both. Using a server's hostname instead of ensures we are connecting to the correct servers. Your hostname for Inmotion Hosting may look something like You should reference your Account Management Panel for the exact server name. You'll need to contact your previous host to find out the server name of your previous server.

Now that both hosting email accounts are added we can copy the emails.  In this example we will move emails from to We are using two different email addresses to make our example more clear.  However when you add your email accounts, they will be the same email address.  You will be copying emails from the same email addresses, but with each hosted on different servers. Once both accounts are added you will see them both on the left menu of your email client:


1. To begin the transfer process, highlight all the emails you want to transfer.  You can highlight them by clicking on "Edit" in the menu bar and then "Select All":


2. Right click on the email messages. In Thunderbird, mouse over "Copy To" and then select the inbox you want to copy the emails. Remember this will be the email account set up with InMotion Hosting:


Once you click on the folder you want the emails moved to, a transfer will begin. It will display at the bottom of the page so you know it is copying:


3. Finally, you can click on the new inbox to make sure the emails are transferred. You can confirm the emails were copied by simply checking the inboxes of both accounts. The emails in each account should be identical. You can check both the old and new accounts to confirm the process was successful:


If your emails show in the inbox on our server the transfer was complete!  Depending on the number of emails this can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours. You can also confirm that the emails copied bylogging into webmail.

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2013-05-17 10:24 pm
Thanks, I now understand how to do this with 2 different accounts. But how could 2 accounts that are exactly the same, be active? Wouldn't MX records require that only one active email address for name@inmotion to work?
I'm thinking I would have to transfer to an intermediary account, change the MX records to the new host, then transfer from the intermediary account to the new email (with updated MX records). Hope I'm clear.
5,889 Points
2013-05-20 9:47 am
You can check an email account on 2 different servers using the server hostname instead of the domain. While you are waiting or the MX record DNS change to go into effect, your old server will still be receiving email due to propagation. Technically both email accounts could be getting emails during propagation. You can check both emails with server hostname found in the AMP technical details.

For example, on our server you can check the webmail to see if any new emails are coming in. Webmail uses the server host name instead of the domain name so you can check the email accounts while the domain points else where.

You can also set up Outlook or other email client to check the server using the server hostname instead of the domain name. For example you can use instead of the for the incoming and outgoing server.

Once you have all your emails on one server and the DNS is propagated, you can remove the old email account and everything should be good from there.

Best Regards,
James R
2013-10-24 9:37 am
I tried transferring my Inbox and Sent messages from to On Outlook 2011 on Mac, it worked perfectly transferring the Inbox. But not Sent messages. It just won't work. It keeps saying "Transferring x/400", and when it's done, it just starts over again, and there is nothing in the Sent messages on the gmail server. What can I do? Im trying with Thunderbird now. Any other suggestions if this doesn't work?
19,794 Points
2013-10-24 10:58 am
Hello SimonK,

It looks Outlook 2011 is not listed as supported with gmail, Thunderbird is listed and should work without issues. Make sure you set up both email accounts as IMAP.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

2013-10-24 3:06 pm
Thunderbird worked perfect!! Outlook sux! Thank you so much for this guide!
n/a Points
2015-01-15 11:16 pm

what about the folders, if we have folders in our old emails and we want to transfer those folder into our new email...?

28,364 Points
2015-01-16 10:34 am
Hello Shah,

Thanks for the question about the folders. If you have folders in your old IMAP email account, then you should create those same folders in the new email account before you move the emails. Once the folders are created, you can move the emails directly in to the folders in your new account. If you're unfamiliar with creating folders in Thunderbird, check out Creating a local folder in Thunderbird.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.
n/a Points
2015-01-17 12:48 am

Thanks Arn, it is great facility and great efforts done on thunderbird, i surf google for hours but i couldn't get better source transferring my emails to new server, thanks for helping and your sincere suggestions....

n/a Points
2015-02-01 5:56 am

If your account has many (sub)folders the above procedure is a very slow and tedious one. You may want to try using this free tool called imapcopy instead:

Even though it's an old tool I've used it on multiple types of mail servers including a hosted exchange 2010.

n/a Points
2015-03-05 6:33 pm



what about moving your address book? whats the procedure for that?

7,008 Points
2015-03-08 11:23 pm

I have found a guide that explains how to export/import your address book within thunderbird.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens

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