How to Create a cPanel Demo Account

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Note that cPanel creation is no longer unlimited. For more information, please see cPanel Pricing Changes. You can see the pricing that now applies to cPanel licenses. These pricing changes also apply to demo accounts. To learn more about the change, please see our FAQ on cPanel Pricing.

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As a hosting reseller, you can create multiple cPanel accounts and resell them to users. But, if you have a prospective client who isn’t familiar with cPanel, you can offer them a demo account where they can try out cPanel to see if they like it. Demo mode forbids actions that might cause damage like:

  • Creating or editing files
  • Editing DNS zones
  • Creating domains

However, the account will appear to be fully functional. In order to use the demo mode, you can enable it on a specific cPanel account from within WHM.

How to Enable Demo Mode in WHM

In order to use this procedure properly, you must either create a new cPanel account or use an existing one.

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. Click Manage Demo Mode under Account Functions.
  3. Enable Demo Mode for affected domain by clicking Enable.

Now your users will be able to log into the demo account and try out a fresh cPanel.

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