Introduction to the Simplified Account Management Panel (AMP) Interface

Have you just purchased your Website Creator subscription from InMotion Hosting and are you ready to build your website? Wondering where to start? Well, you’re in the right place. This is an introduction to the newly simplified Account Management Panel (AMP). This tutorial will familiarize you with the interface by showing you the different options available in this streamlined version of the interface. We will be providing a short description as well as a screen shot of each section. If you want to see more information on AMP, please see this article.

Exploring the Simplified Account Management Panel (AMP)

You will need to be logged into your AMP account in order to see each of these sections in your internet browser. If you need more information on logging into the Simplified Account Management Panel, then please see our tutorial on how to login to AMP.

The Menus in Account Management Panel

The first thing that you see when you login to the Account Management Panel (AMP) will be the menus that are at the top of the page. Here’s a screen shot of what they look like: AMP- top menus

Each of the menu items described below provides access to different management features for your account. Here’s a breakdown of each menu section:

Menu Items

My Account AMP menu - My Account

Here you can change the login and security to access your account. You can also change your Account contact information.

AMP menu - My Account

Your account subscriptions are also listed here and they include the options for managing each account. These options will also be available in the section(s) below.

Billing AMP menu - Billing

The options provided within Billing include options that all apply to your hosting subscriptions. These options allow you review your subscription payments, manage your payment methods, view your payment history and set renewal reminders.

Domains AMP menu - Domains

The Domains menu provides options to manage your domain, register a new domain and request domain transfers.

Marketplace AMP menu - Marketplace

The Marketplace includes links that allow you to purchase a dedicated IP address, register new domains, subscribe to another hosting account, add hosting design services, or subscribe to other managed hosting options.

Specials AMP menu - Specials

The Specials menu includes discount offers for advertising from different online companies.

Manage My Account and Subscription Sections

After the menu bar you will see two (or more) main sections divided by shaded rectangles with multiple icons representing the options available to manage your account. The first of these two sections is labeled Manage My Account. The next section(s) that follow depends on the number of subscriptions that you have in your account. The subscription options provided in each account are streamlined to show only three options. The rest are hidden under a link labeled Show Advanced Tools. Each subscription division is titled by the domain name and a user name in parentheses. Each menu item is summarized below.

Manage My Account

Manage My Account section

  • Account Notifications – allows you to read the notifications sent to your account
  • Update Credit Card – review/edit/add credit cards to your account
  • Reset AMP Password – set your account email, reset your password, and setup a passphrase for account security
  • Register Domain – register a new domain through InMotion Hosting
  • Transfer Domain – request a domain transfer
  • Contact Information – review/edit/add contact information for your account
  • Pay Bill – submit a payment for your subscription account(s)
  • Purchase New Hosting – allows you to add a subscription for hosting
  • Sucuri Website Security – links to the page where you can get Sucuri services for securing your website
  • Submit Support Ticket – provides a form that you can fill out to get help from technical support
  • Leave Feedback – form to provide feedback to management for your InMotion Hosting subscription services

Subscription account

As noted above, the account(s) that appear in this location depends on how many subscriptions you have registered with InMotion Hosting. The screenshot below (under Hidden) shows both the visible and hidden sections. Normally, you would only see the visible section until you click on the link to show the hidden items.

Visible: Account area - visible section

  • Manage My Website – jumps straight to the BoldGrid Administration page
  • Add/Edit Email Accounts – add/edit/remove email accounts
  • Purchase Copyright Coinsobtain copyright coins

Account area- hidden section

  • Account Technical Details – provides the technical details (e.g. vps name, IP address, name servers, etc.) on your account
  • Purchase Dedicated SSL Certificates – obtain dedicated SSL certificates to secure your website
  • Manage Free Basic SSL – allows you to manage your free SSL certificate(s) for your site
  • Change Hosting Plan/Term – manage your subscription plan for hosting
  • Change Primary Domain – change the domain name for the subscription plan
  • Data Restoration Request – request the restoration of a backup from InMotion Hosting Technical Support
  • Purchase Dedicated IP – buy a subscription for a dedicated IP address
  • DNS Zone Editor – opens an editor where you can change your DNS records
  • Request Email Limit Exemption – form to send a request to increase the number of outbound emails
  • Website Transfer Request – form to request a transfer of your website from one location to another
  • Backups Manager – option to manage your website backups

Congratulations! You are now familiar with the simplified Account Management Panel (AMP) interface. You can start working on building your site and make any management changes as needed. If you need assistance logging into the Website Creator, go to this tutorial.

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