QuickStarter: An Affordable High Quality Website in 2 Days

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QuickStarter is a fast, affordable way for customers to get a professionally designed, fully functional, starter website. For just $99 and a 2-business-day turnaround period, you can quickly establish your initial online presence. This leaves you free to focus on the important things: your business and making money!

What do you get with QuickStarter?

QuickStarter is a basic one-page starter website professionally designed by our InMotion Hosting Web Design team. Your website starts with a call to you to obtain the design requirements of your site. Once these requirements are confirmed the web designer completes the design within 2 business days. Each site can also be expanded so that when your business grows, you can scale your website to match. With your account you also get the ability to manage the website, personally make customizations, and setup a business email address based on your website’s domain name.

How do you get QuickStarter?

You can use InMotion Hosting’s website link to QuickStarter to setup your account. There are four simple steps involved in the process:

  1. Purchase– Pay the $99 fee for the QuickStarter service
  2. Design– You will receive a call to confirm your website requirements for our Design Expert
  3. Review– Confirm with Design Expert that all information is correct on your site and ensure you are ready for launch
  4. Launch– After two business days, your website will be launched! Check out the screenshot below for a sample of the great designs that are provided by our Design Experts.

Example sites

If you feel too busy or unqualified to build a website, then QuickStarter is the affordable solution to getting you on the internet quickly! For more information check out the website.

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