Resource Guide — Editing your QuickStarter Website

You’ve received your beautifully designed one-page QuickStarter website but now you want to make changes and add more elements. Designed to get you off the ground quickly, adding to your QuickStarter site is a fast and easy task that even a tech novice can complete. Using the many resources within our support center, you’ll be able to edit your website like a pro in no time. Below is a list of technical articles that will help you with your website goals! 

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One of the greatest benefits of a QuickStarter website is the freedom and ability to edit almost everything. If you don’t like the font, you change it easily in one location. If the color is too bright or too dark, you change it quickly and match the color specifically to your branding. The below list of articles will help you complete design and customization changes on your QuickStarter website. 

Adding & Editing Elements

A one-page website is a great start, but before long you’ll probably want to add pages, a blog, extend the menu and more. The below list of articles will help you build out your QuickStarter site and add the elements needed for the success of your digital presence.  

SEO & Maintenance 

Once you’ve finished your changes and additions, you must continue to monitor and maintain your website.  Without reviewing, analyzing, and adjusting your site based on your findings, your entire website project could be in vain. Use the BoldGrid Easy SEO plugin to optimize your content and pages to increase your SEO efforts. Save backups of your site for safekeeping and run speed tests to make sure your visitors can load the site with ease.

Additional Resources

Learn more about BoldGrid — the WordPress builder your QuickStarter site was built with — as you continue your web design journey with your QuickStarter website.

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