Introduction to BoldGrid Powered by WordPress

BoldGrid is a powerful website builder based on WordPress that will help you get your website up in two easy phases. If you haven’t already, you will need to make sure you have BoldGrid installed within your WordPress site. There are two ways to install BoldGrid. The first, and easiest way is to install BoldGrid through Softaculous. Also, there’s a tutorial on how to install BoldGrid Manually in your WordPress website. If you’re installing BoldGrid manually please keep in mind, it does require you to have WordPress already installed.

Phase 1: Inspiration

This is where you will be picking your theme for your website. BoldGrid provides pre-determined categories for you to choose your theme from. Everything from business, marketing, real estate, and restaurants are covered in the categories. Don’t worry if you can’t find an exact category to meet your website’s needs. You can see all the options during the process as well. You’ll also select how many BoldGrid Coins you would like to spend on things like images for your website. If you wish to use your own images, you are free to do that and swap the watermarked images out.

Phase 2: Customization

The Customization Phase is where you start adding your images and content to personalize your site. You can do a lot more like changing the color palette of your website, adding and removing pages, or editing the content on each page. Think of this phase as your opportunity to make your site unique and your own. This is also the phase where you will spend most of your time.

Get familiar with WordPress & BoldGrid

  • The Dashboard is the main area you manage your site from.
    Dashboard in BoldGrid for WordPress

  • You Dashboard is broken up into sections, called Widgets. This is the BoldGrid Widget:
    BoldGrid widgets for WordPress

  • These tabs contain useful information, to help you build your website.
  • When you are logged into BoldGrid, the top of every page has a Toolbar. The Toolbar contains links to places you’ll navigate to, while you work with your site.
  • You can view your website at anytime, by clicking on your website name in the toolbar.
    Viewing your BoldGrid website

  • You can visit either your Active Site, or Staging Site. For more information
    Access BoldGrid Staging Site

  • When you are logged in, your Toolbar will still display on your website. But, your visitors will not actually see it.

What can I do from my Toolbar?

  • Edit your User Information
  • Find documentation & guides at
  • Find links for Support, and Logging into your hosting account (if you have an authorized BoldGrid Host)
  • View your Copyright Coin balance next to the shopping cart icon on the top right.
    BoldGrid Coins in BoldGrid for WordPress

    Note: If you select any Premium Images during the Inspiration phase, the transactions are handled by BoldGrid Coins If you have an authorized BoldGrid host, then they probably provided you with free BoldGrid Coins, to help make your website truly unique. (The premium options give your site a very strong impact, because the images are high-resolution, and they are taken by paid professional photographers.

  • Clicking your Cart icon will allow you to see your transaction history, and any images that you’ve added to your cart to purchase.
    Viewing your BoldGrid Copyright credits

What can I do from my Admin Menu?

Your Admin menu is located on the left side of the screen. From here you can:

  • Access everything within your new website.
    Administrative Links in BoldGrid

Now that you have been introduced to BoldGrid

If you’re not a customer of InMotion Hosting and want to find out more about how to install BoldGrid please visit the BoldGrid Support Center.

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