How to Change Your BoldGrid Footer Information

When you install an Inspiration using BoldGrid, you have the option to display contact details in the Footer of the theme. In this guide, you will learn how to customize the Footer Settings and contact information displayed in your BoldGrid theme.

Change BoldGrid Footer Information

  1. BoldGrid Administrative Dashboard login page, username and password fields and Login button highlighted.

    Log into your site’s Administrative Dashboard.

  2. BoldGrid Administrative Dashboard Customize menu option highlighted.

    Click on the Customize option located in the left sidebar menu.

  3. Customizer Advanced menu option highlighted.

    Click the Advanced option.

  4. Customizer Advanced Footer Settings menu option highlighted.

    Click on the Footer Settings option.

  5. Customizer Advanced Footer Settings Contact Details and Attribution Control options highlighted.

    You will now see the different options for your footer. Click on the field or option that you wish to edit.

  6. Footer Setting Description
    Contact Details Each text box can contain various contact information.
    Hide BoldGrid Attribution Checking this box hides the BoldGrid Attribution link.
    Hide WordPress Attribution Checking this box hides the WordPress Attribution link.
    Hide Special Thanks Link Checking this box hides the Special Thanks link..
  7. Customizer Advanced Footer Settings Publish button highlighted.

    After you have edited the details you want to change, click the Publish button to save them.

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