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You have the ability to create subdomains in cPanel. Sub domains function separately from your main domain. Let’s go over an example. If you have a forum for your site, you could create a subdomain called “forum” – and the address would be “”

Many people use subdomains for mobile versions for their website, forums, blogs, and stores. Subdomains are easily created in your cPanel. Let’s walk through setting up a subdomain.

If you are not pointed to InMotion Hosting's Nameservers, you must ALSO create the subdomain where your Nameservers are hosted, then point the subdomain's "A record" to your Shared IP address.

Create a Subdomain

  1. Log into your cPanel
  2. Go to the Domains section and click on Subdomains.
  3. subdomins_1

  4. Type in the name of the subdomain and select the domain to create it under. It will automatically create a folder for the subdomain in your public_html folder
  5. subdomins_2

  6. Click the Create button. You will then see a message stating it "has been created."

It can take up to 24 hours for a new Subdomain to show up on the web, or propagate.

Congratulations, you have added your first subdomain! Please check the next article on Setting up a Redirect for a Domain in your cPanel. If you missed our previous article, please see the Adding a Parked Domain to cPanel tutorial. For more information on this course please visit Managing your Domains in cPanel.

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Section 5: Setting up a Redirect for a Domain in your cPanel
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2014-04-18 6:42 pm

I already have an inmotion hosting account for business purposes but was lookiing to establish a blog for a subject completely unrelated to  and I want my business.  My question then is, can I establish a blog without having the business part of my domain appear?  for example if my domain is, and I want to have blog called super cars, will people still see

33,621 Points
2014-04-18 6:58 pm
Hello Tom,

The answer is yes, you can have a blog that's not related to your other website. People will not see your other domain name if you use a different domain name. Depending on your account type, you register one or more other domain names through AMP. You can then create an add-on domain so that you run a second website that's not related to your first. You'd have to use a different domain name, because if you were to use a subdomain (as per the article above), it would still have your previous domain name in the URL.

I hope that explains it! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Arnel C.
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2014-06-29 9:20 am

Hi Brad,

  I just have a simple question.

  cpanel provides subdomains like "" for the domain "".

  Is it possible to have subdomain like "" or ""?

  Basically i am trying to build a wordpress multisite.

38,359 Points
2014-06-29 4:46 pm
Hello kad,

Subdomains have a format like this: Note the subfolder and domain name portions are separated by a . If you are looking to create something like or these would be considered regular domain names and would need to be registered as such. These would then be added to the cPanel as addon domains.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
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2014-08-17 3:52 pm

I'm going to point my domain name off of Network Solutions to InMotion. I am also trying to move my development website to InMotion. I suppose you will put that in a subdomain?

Is there anything I have to do at Network Solutions? I didn quite understand the warning up above 

If you are not pointed to InMotion Hosting's Nameservers, you must ALSO create the subdomain where your Nameservers are hosted, then point the subdomain's "A record" to your Shared IP address.
24,082 Points
2014-08-18 10:58 am
Hello creating a subdomain on the dns,

Thank you for your question. Your Nameservers determine who hosts your DNS.

Basically there are two options as explained below:
Be sure to allow up to 24 hours for any DNS changes to propagate.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

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2014-08-28 3:20 am
The article is so helpful. I got it in Google search with the search query "subdomain in cPanel" at the top of the list. Thank you
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2014-10-08 11:29 pm

If i want to have a test subdomain for my website, what should i do to make it private?

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2014-10-09 8:17 am
Hello Carlos,

You can password protect the folder used for the subdomain that way only you can access it.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
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2014-10-17 5:51 pm

Is there a way to programatically create sub-domains?  In other words, have code create the sub-domain rather than manually doing it in cPanel?

11,186 Points
2014-10-17 6:16 pm
Unfortunately, there is not a method we would be able to provide to do so.
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2015-06-14 3:22 am

Hi, please help me. How can I create a subdomain from to Please help me. Waiting for your reply

38,359 Points
2015-06-15 2:48 pm
Hello Abuvijay,

You would use the exact manner as described above.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
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2015-07-22 9:03 pm


I would like to do some change into my website with out it going under construction. Should i creaet the sub domaine first; afther work on the web site and once everything is up to date, i could transfer it to my main domaine ?

Is it possible to install wordpress in a sub domain ?

Thank You

33,621 Points
2015-07-22 9:20 pm
Hello Denis,

How you want to work on your website, is up to you. If you are creating a website in a different space and under a different domain name then you can do so, but you would have to then MOVE that website to your primary domain name. So, if you consider that no problem instead of having a simple under construction page (the page can say anything - not just "under construction"). And, "YES" it's possible to install WordPress under a subdomain.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.
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2015-08-07 1:23 pm

I have a domain. If I create a subdomain for a family member to use, am I understanding it correctly that only I would have access through the Cpanel to this subdomain for adding, updating, deleting, etc, of the files in this sub domain?

Thank you.


24,082 Points
2015-08-07 3:08 pm
Hello Delmage,

Thank you for contacting us. There is only one cPanel login, this account has access to everything.

When you create a subdomain, it creates an additional FTP account for access to the files. But this account can be limited to a specific folder, and you do not have to share this password with anyone.

As far as access to the subdomain, it depends on how you are building the site. For example if you are using WordPress, they will only have access to the site software, not cPanel.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2015-08-07 6:38 pm

Thank you, John-Paul. Appreciate the quick response.

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2015-10-23 9:09 pm

hi, i want to know this:

I have 3 domain names, mysite1, mysite2 and mysite3

and i want to create a blog for eachone  of this 3 sites in a subdomain because it´s not possible otherway, so if i create the subdomain "blog" for mysite1, will i be able to do the same for the other 2 sites as well? or the subdomains will have to be blog1, blog2 and blog 3? i mean i would like in my 3 sites the URL looks like:,

just as clean as that, but i can see that when you create a subdomain it creates it in the root domain, so how do this works?

AND also, what happens if i create the blog subdomain inside the domain itself?

i mean in the file manager would look like this: public_html/mysite1/blog

is that a good idea? because i was reading this


so is thispossible and good/bad idea?

Thanks for your help on this,

Best Regards


38,359 Points
2015-10-26 9:03 am
Hello Angello,

You can certainly create, , etc. When you create the subdomain, it puts the new directory in the root of the domain name you are creating it for, not necessarily the root of the main domain.

The main domains root is public_html, so's path would look like 'public_html/blog' .
The addon domain would have the blog directory under it's own root folder. Addon domains look a bit different as they have a folder in the public_html folder as well. The path for would look like 'public_html/'.

If you have, and want, it will have a path similar to It will look like 'public_html/'.

You can use a subdomain to point to any folder/directory you want within your site, so yes, it is possible. It is not a bad idea to use them to separate major portions of your site. A subdomain is used in the article you referenced so the browser can download the images faster when bringing a page up.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
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2016-01-28 10:04 am

Hello everyone!


Hope someone can help me. I want to get a website with Inmotion but I want it to a subdomain of my current website that is hosted somewhere else. 


Is it possible? For example:


My current website/domain is (which is hosted, and I dont want to move it to Inmotion, somewhere else) and I want my Inmotion website to be a subdomain of it. For example:


Can I do this with Inmotion and keep my original site with my other hosting company? 


Many thanks,


24,082 Points
2016-01-28 12:58 pm
Hello Joao,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, this can be done by creating the subdomain in your cPanel, then pointing the 'A record' for the subdomain to your Shared IP.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2016-04-08 4:45 am


i want to ask about the sub domins that if i want to make my site multi languages 

for example : for english and for turkish

so can i do that and is that will need to instal wordpress in each time true ?

10,077 Points
2016-04-10 3:25 pm
Hello Saleh,

This is possible and you should not have to install a new version of WordPress on each directory as you just need a multisite language plugin and then change the setting on each one.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
n/a Points
2016-06-15 6:50 pm


i have primary domain called

now i added new domain as addon domain called

then i just created a subdomain in called mamiftahulhuda, so my new subdomain is

Note: my subdomain folder is located in directory.

The problem is when i click link pointed to, the address bar changed into And when folder is located in root domain the address bar changed into

what i need is the address bar return into my real subdomain which is

help me for that problem

33,621 Points
2016-06-16 9:55 am
Hello Faisol,

Sorry for the problem with the add-on domain The issue is that the domain is NOT pointed to our name servers at this time. This means that any definition for that domain that is created on our servers won't matter - these definitions are done within the DNS, but because the domain is not pointed to us, none of these definitions will apply. I hope that helps to explain it. In order to get the subdomain/domain definitions to work, you need to point the domain to us. You can find more about this issue in this tutorial.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
n/a Points
2016-07-06 9:57 am

Dear Sir,

Thank you really for the videos so far. I like to ask this question:

I have a site and a sub-domain intented for mobile view.

How do I cause a permanent redirect for users with mobile phones who types and it will automatically redirect them to without them doing it manually.

Meanwhile, those with larger devices should still be redirected to


Thank you sir.

33,621 Points
2016-07-07 6:47 am
Hello Kingsley,

First, I should point out that has become preferable to have one set of responsively designed website pages as opposed to having mobile and non-mobile pages. This is especially important in SEO. However, there many people still using mobile-specific sites as responsive design is still being adopted by many. You can still use our tutorial on redirecting to mobile pages.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
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2016-07-14 5:22 am

Hi, I have site which is for selling my product and can be view by other visitor. I need another site but for just me can view the site. can i create it as subdomain?

For my main domain I use opencart, but can I use wordpress for by subdomain?


Thanks in advance

11,216 Points
2016-07-14 9:19 am
Sure, you can use whatever you want for your subdomain. If you want to be the only person to access it, you can password protect it using htaccess.
2016-07-20 8:26 pm
Hi - I created a subdomain using cpanel over 24 hours ago. ( When I try to access via browser I get a "’s server DNS address could not be found" message. Can you tell what is wrong?
33,621 Points
2016-07-21 7:20 am
Hello Adventuresniffer,

Sorry for the problem with the subdomain's DNS not working properly. Typically, DNS changes may take up to 24 hours to change. If you continue to have problems, please contact our live technical support department. They can re-push the DNS for your domains if necessary.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.

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