Requesting a CSR for 3rd Party SSLs in AMP

When you either purchase a third party SSL or are transferring an existing SSL from another host over to us, you will need a Certificate Signing Request, also known as a CSR. The CSR gives server and domain specific information to the SSL issuer so the certificate they provide will only be usable for your domain on a specific server. This article guides you on how to request a CSR through your Account Management Panel (AMP).

Requesting a Certificate Signing Request

    1. Log into your Account Management Panel (AMP).

    1. 1 click csr request

      Select the Simple CSR Request for 3rd party SSL icon.

    2. 2 click request csr

      Read the page to determine if you really need a CSR. If so, continue by clicking on the Request a CSR button.

    3. 3 enter domain

      Next you will begin the steps to get your CSR. First, you must enter the specific name you will use for the CSR. Typically this is just the domain name (ex: but you may wish to be more specific and use a subdomain name for your store (ex:,, Click on the Continue button to go to the next step.

    4. 4 fill out form

      Now you will fill out this form with your information. Be sure it is all correct. Click on the Continue button when you are finished.

      Email AddressYour contact email address.
      Certificate NameThe domain name you want the CSR for.
      CityYour city location for your business.
      StateState in which your business is located.
      CountryUse the two character abbreviation for your country.
      Company NameThe official name of your company.
      DivisionName of your company division. Leave blank if not applicable.
    5. 5 copy info

      You are now presented with the CSR based on the information you entered in the previous step. Copy and paste this information into an email to send to your SSL Provider. Once you have received the files from them, click Continue to move to the final step.

    1. 6 submit files

      Upload the files from your SSL provider and fill out the billing information so our team can install the new SSL onto your site.


revisit csr

If you have closed out your browser before receiving the SSL files from the SSL provider, you can return to that point at any time. Simply click on the Simple CSR Request for 3rd party SSL icon in the AMP (Step 1 and Step 2 above) and you will see your existing CSR information on the right hand sidebar. Click on Submit Your SSL Zip Files Now. This will take you immediately to Step 7 above.

Thoughts on “Requesting a CSR for 3rd Party SSLs in AMP

  • Inmmotion have too many instructional pages, if some one strat to reading at 20yr’s age he wiil be 65, while he finish.

    I tried to find out, “How much inmmotion will bill me, installing third party SSL”? but unable to locate that page. Live support redirected me to this page, which is silent about charge.

    Is third party SSL instalation charge is free?

  • The price is $49 on shared hosting, just FYI.

    And I have been waiting and waitng on my installation and the Tech Support is down.

    I have a few hours to get a demo site up and I need this installed.

    It is just “Awaiting Installation” by you guys…

    • Thank you for contacting us. I checked your account and the CSR was issues within 2 hours of your request. It should have been delivered to your Primary Email address. You may have to check your spam box.

      Since this is just the public forums, I recommend contacting Live Support for additional account specific information.

      Thank you,

    • Hello Lori-Ann,

      Sorry for the problem with CSR. We’re not sure how you’re getting to the Simple CSR Request. When we test here, it’s definitely working. Can you describe the specific steps you’re taking? Screenshots would also help, if possible. You should be in AMP to get to this request, so just to be sure we’re on the same page, you should be clicking on the Simple CSR Request for 3rd party SSL icon. Give us a little more information on what’s happening and we can investigate the issue further.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

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