How to Create a Résumé Website

Are you looking for a new job or to change careers? An online résumé is a perfect way to introduce yourself to potential employers and highlight some of your professional experience and educational background. In this guide, we will show you how to get your site online and customized, then go over some of the things to consider including in your résumé. So, follow along and you’ll be getting calls for interviews in no time.

Select an Inspiration

The first step is choosing an Inspiration that suits you and your field of work. Follow these steps to view and choose from the selection of pre-built sites.

  1. Log into your Admin Dashboard
  2. Click Inspirations in the navigation menu.
  3. You can then preview the Inspirations that are available to see which will work for you.
  4. After reviewing the available styles, select a theme.

After installing your Inspiration, your site will be up and running. It’s time to customize it for your résumé.

Customizing your Site

The Customize option in your Admin Dashboard includes most of the tools you need to personalize the site.

What to Include on your Résumé

The content you should include on a résumé will vary based on your field, but we will go over some of the most common items. The important thing is to present your background but keep it short and to the point. Since recruiters often go through many résumés and do not have time to read lengthy résumés.

  • Objective/Goal: State your career goals or positions you are striving to get hired for.
  • Skills: What are your special skills or training?
  • Education: List any degrees, diplomas, or certifications you have completed.
  • Experience: Tell them about your professional background and previous positions.
  • Links: Provide links to a portfolio or examples of your work.
  • Social Media: This may not be appropriate for all job fields, but possibly add your Linkedin. This can be set up during the Inspiration phase of creating your site.
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