Google AdWords Voucher Redemption

If you are a new InMotion Hosting Customer you may have received a $100 coupon from Google for free Google AdWords services. To redeem your free Google AdWords coupon. Please follow the steps below. NOTICE: Google AdWords will no longer be offered starting March 7th, 2018. We are continuing to offer alternative solutions like Yahoo/Bing Read More >

How to use Google Web Fonts for your builder

One of the most frequent questions we see when working with the builder is about whether the title or subtitle fonts in the header area can be changed. The answer is both Yes and No. No, it cannot be changed from within the builder itself as it is hard coded as part of your selected Read More >

Google flagged site due to mod_userdir

There are occasions on our shared servers, when Google may send you a notice saying your website is hacked. The notice will include your domain name; however, the username at the end is not your username. Google hack notification showing a similar url like the following: If you receive a notice like this from Read More >

Using Google’s custom 404 page widget

In this article we’ll discuss why and how to setup the Google custom 404 error page widget on your website. If you happened to have read our previous article on 404 error not found pages, it was discussed how handling 404 requests dynamically can become problematic.   This is because if you continually hit your Read More >

Verifying your website with Google

Anytime you use a Google Webmaster tools, you’ll need to verify ownership of the website to Google. Verification with Google does not affect PageRank or your website’s performance in any way. It does allow you to use Google’s products. Verifying ownership of a website is easy and you have more than one option on how Read More >

Using Fetch as Googlebot in Webmaster Tools

If Google search results is displaying an old result for your website, it’s likely Google needs to re-crawl and index your website. The Fetch as Googlebot tool will allow you to see your webpage as Google sees it. The Fetch as Googlebot tool can be benficial if your website has been hacked as well. If Read More >

How do I get Google to reconsider crawling my site?

At times you may find it necessary to request Google re-index your website. This can be due to a multitude of reasons like your site is performing poorly in the search results than it once did(as long as it does not violate their Webmaster Guidelines), or isn’t appearing in the search results at all. This Read More >

Remove a Webpage from Google Search with Webmaster Tools

There are instances in which Google may index a page, post, or entire website that you would prefer not remain in the search results. It is important to make sure first and foremost that any private information (such as customer data) not be served to the public side of your page at all. However, if Read More >

Submitting a Sitemap to Google using Webmaster Tools

Sitemaps can help Google and other search engines understand your website better. The first step is to create a XML sitemap. Read our article for more information on creating a XML sitemap. Remember, once the sitemap is generated you’ll need to save it to your local computer, then upload the file to the root folder Read More >

Creating a Google Analytics Account

In this tutorial we will walk you through the basic steps to creating a Google Analytics account. In the following article, we will show you how to install Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool offered to webmasters to monitor and provide statistical data on the web traffic coming to your domain. With Google Read More >

Introduction to Google Search Console

If you want your website to be found on the Internet the first things most people will say is get on Google. Google wants great content found via their search engine, so they provide education and tools to help, for free! One of these tools is simply called Google Search Console (previously known as Google Read More >

More help with Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page

While surfing the web, some websites that you visit will display a warning similar to the following: If the website you’re visiting is not yours, then it would be a good idea to click the button labeled, “Get me out of here!“, as the page you are visiting may attempt to infect your computer. If Read More >

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