Force HTTPS in Zenphoto

Better secure your Zenphoto image galleries with a free or paid SSL certificate on your domain. Then, follow our steps below to learn how to Force HTTPS and remove the redirect for troubleshooting.

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  1. Login to Zenphoto.
  2. Hover over Options and click Security.
  3. Click the Server protocol drop-down and select https.
  4. Click Apply at the top.

Remove Redirect

If your SSL expires, you should install a new SSL immediately. If you need to access your admin dashboard in the meantime, you’ll need to edit your Zenphoto configuration file to access admin pages.

  1. Log into SSH, FTP, or cPanel File Manager.
  2. Navigate to your Zenphoto root directory.
  3. Edit zp-date/zenphoto.cfg.php.
  4. Find $conf["server_protocol"] = "https".
  5. Change https to http.
  6. Save changes.
  7. Login to Zenphoto and change the server protocol drop-down to http.

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