Automatic remote backup service

We offer an automatic remote backup service on all servers for disaster recovery.

These backups run every 24-36 hours for emergency purposes, and a data restoration can be requested in AMP.

Backups overwrite previous backup data, so we strongly recommend maintaining backups of your own as well.

Remote backup levels and cost

Shared, VPS, and Reseller accounts come with the first 10GB block of remote backups free.

Dedicated servers have larger local drives and can configure local backups in WHM, or pay for remote backups.

Platform Free 10GB Account Size Backup Size 10GB Blocks Needed Cost
Shared and VPS Yes 18GB 20GB 1 x 10GB @ FREE
1 x 10GB @ $7.50 / Month
$7.50 / Month
Dedicated No 18GB 20GB 2 x 10GB @ $7.50 / Month $15.00 / Month

Get alerted when backup level changes

You can setup an email alert when your backup limit is exceeded so that you can be sure to either reduce your disk-usage or start paying for additional blocks of disk-space.

Request remote backup service

If you’d like to have our automatic backup service turned on, or the size of your backups adjusted. Please contact us at and include account verification either in the form of your current AMP password, or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file.

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