How to Restore Backups from Amazon’s S3 Cloud Storage

Using WHM’s Backup Configuration cPanel can upload its backups to Amazon’s S3 Cloud Storage. This is invaluable, but what if you wish to restore one of these backups? How do you restore a backup uploaded to Amazon? This article will detail how to restore a backup from Amazon’s S3 service.

Download Backup from AWS S3

  1. Amazon Web Services console sign in imageAccess the AWS Management Console, click Sign In to the Console, and login
  2. Amazon Web Services console Services link imageClick the Services link in the top left-hand corner
  3. Amazon Web Services console S3 linkUnder the Storage section, click on S3
  4. Amazon Web Services S3 bucket example imageNavigate to your backup. In this case the backup we will be restoring is in Amazon S3 > backups > weekly > 2017-06-11
  5. Amazon Web Services backup checkbox highlightClick the checkbox next to the backup you wish to download
  6. Amazon Web Services download file button highlightClick the Download button, and save the backup to your local computer

Restore Home Directory Files via cPanel

If you only need to restore your files and not your databases, you won’t need root level access. You can restore the files from your backup right from your cPanel account. We have an article here about how to restore the files in your cPanel user’s home directory.

Restore Full Backup via WHM

Note that you will need root access in order to use these directions.

  1. Login to WHM as root
  2. WHM Backup icon highlightClick the Backup icon
  3. WHM restore full backup/cpmove file icon highlightNext, click the Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File icon
  4. Restore with file option highlightIn the Settings section under the Transfer Method option, select Restore with File
  5. Choose file button highlightBelow that in the File to restore with area click on the Choose File button. Then select the file you saved to your computer
  6. If the user already exists, you will need to select the option for Overwrite the existing user
  7. Restore button highlightFinally, click the Restore button.

Congratulations! You now know how to restore a backup from your Amazon S3!

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