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how can I redirect the main domain to a subfolder

SorinNemes 7 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0
I have a chinese folder in chinese characters
I want to point visitors to this folder

so I have this domain (punycodename) :
I have a folder in my domain in chinese letters : ???com

I want that all visitors to point to that folder
instead of the main domain so
I dont need http://xn--gmqr89lqca.com/
instread I need http://???com/

how to get this using .htaccess ?

thanks in advance


roberto8 7 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0
PLEASE !!! ... now my site is suspended thank you help me solve the problem ...

my site:

ABOVE SEND A TICKET BUT the response received was not correct .... Appreciate it if you can analyze the problem to fix it ... I can not access CPANEL AND THE SITES ARE SUSPENDED

My site it down http://columbiasailingclub.org

tbolan 7 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0
I can't login.

Root Access Lost?

Wisar 7 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0

I thought that I had requested and gotten web access for my VPS but it seems to be gone. an I get it again?

Regards, Will

SQL server too slow

trhawkinson 7 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
E-mail sent to support, please delete.

How do I upgrade MySQL to MySLQi?

TheBottomFW 7 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
Our domain thebottomfw.com has recently been redesigned and has been in working order on a development server. After transferring the files and setting up the database many extensions are giving an error that the MySQL is required to be upgraded to MySQLi. After searching Google in reference to this problem on InMotion Hosting servers there was a response by your team in a thread (seen below) to contact support to have the website moved to an appropriate server. Please let us know how we can proceed and what other information you need in order to enable this function.

The website is running Joomla 2.5


Sending forms with SMTP

Nima_Tisdall 7 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0
I have created a form in html which sends information to my e-mail through pHp. However, as the mail() command does not work on inMotion I have to use SMTP. How do I merge the two scripts of the SMTP and php?

Configure Apache to redirect to domain:port

wasted7 7 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0
I've set up a CNAME to redirect to another domain but as we all know we cannot specify ports in the DNS editor.

I've read that its easy enough to configure the Apache web server with a reverse proxy to direct content from thatdomain.com:100 when someone requests 123.thisdomain.com

Does anyone have any experience in doing this? I would like to know how to do it on my VPS because I have many uses for getting this done.

Thanks for your time and help.

EDIT: This appears to be the solution, but I am a bit unsure on how to implement these settings: http://serverfault.com/questions/85078/how-to-forward-dns-alias-to-hostnameport

Best way to take my test website live?

MyaMoe 7 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0
I have a live website (www.myamoeukuleles.com) and have been developing a new version, using a subdomain (www.test.myamoeukuleles.com).

What is the best way to transfer the entire "test" into my live site (and delete the entire live site)?

I know I can go into "file manager" and compress the test site, and then extract it into the live site--is that the best way to do it?

I don't want any of my other stuff (email forwarders; SQL databases) to be changed at all.


gordon mayer

Remove limits to php.ini

sydney20 7 years ago in Server / Server Usage 0
I have 1.8 gigs of videos to load into a third party folder on my site and I need to be able to load all of them there. After the 6th video it doesn't load anymore. Each video is about 125 mgs and there are 15 of them.
Please help.