Can I have videos on my website? How can I upload videos if so?

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I film a fishing and hunting web show and I want to post my videos on my web site.
Chris M

There is also a piece of software called PeerTube, which is like a self-hosted YouTube site for your own content. Installation requires (at minimum) a VPS account.

Tim S.
Hi ditchbankbandits, Thanks for posting your question, I'm more than happy to help you today. The easiest way to accomplish embedding videos, is to actually use YouTube as a content delivery network. If you upload the videos to a YouTube account, they provide you with the code to embed the video. Within the code, you can change the size and other attributes of the video player as well. This is the best method, as it does not use server resources, since the video is hosted on their servers. Adding a YouTube Video to your website You can embed the videos on your site, but it will depend on what your site is created with, to determine the method to do it. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact me. Thanks! Tim S