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Calling wp_remote_get for a URL on our site

mab 1 week ago in Technical Support / WordPress updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 1 week ago 1

I want to call wp_remote_get for a URL on our site (to assemble a report based on the content of multiple pages). The call times out, but a test cal to an external site works; so I assume internal requests are blocked. How do I allow the internal wp_remote_get to return a response?


Website on hold but online e-commerce still accessible

If I want to put my website on hold for a while, time for me to update it correctly, but I want the link to my online boutique to still be active... is that possible ?


I have two domains with you guys when i buy a ssl dedicated can i control witch one it works on or does it cover all domains under my account

raymse 2 weeks ago in Technical Support / Security updated by JT S. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 5 days ago 3

I want to buy a dedicated SSL for one domain but it keeps making me get one for my main account. Not sure if the one SSL will cover both sites 


I want to move my hosting to InMotion from GoDaddy

Shamin 2 weeks ago in Technical Support / Website updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 1 week ago 1

My Question is:
Now am using another hosting service, But I want to change my hosting provider to inmotion.Okay I will explain you clearly, I have domain in godaddy, mails in inmotion, hosting in wix. Before one week I changed my hosting to godaddy, that time I have problems with my mails, because two providers. Now I fixed that problem.
Now, I have domain and hosting in godaddy, mails in inmotion.Today, I want to change my hosting to inmotion.For this, I have to change my dns name to ns1.inmotionhosting.com, ns2.inmotionhosting.com Am I right.
So I have domain in godaddy, From today, If I change dns, My hosting and mails in inmotion right.
Okay, next, In inmotion I have two plans, One is power plan here I have my mail accounts. For hosting, I bought VPS hosting.
Both are different IP address, For this I have to change anything. Because Before I changed my dns, my mails having problem because two provider, Thats why Im asking you. But these both are in inmotion-one provider, but different IP address.
Please make sure that, mails and website will work fine, If I change my dns.
So in inmotion, I can copy my files in VPS Cpanel. Thats enough right.My mails also working fine, Am I right?
Before one week We faced a lot of problem with mails and mx record and A record.Okay Now I change my dns name to inmotion in godaddy, You can handle all the mails and hosting.Am I right?How long it will take for propagationAfter propagation time My website and mails working from inmotion.During This propagation time, my site also working from godaddy, Please make sure that, It will not go down and my mails also working fine.


Website issues

info 2 weeks ago in Technical Support updated by Arnel C (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 weeks ago 1

hello, my website is not working ??


Do you have SPF record for Inmotionhosting.com?

jchang 2 weeks ago in Technical Support / Email updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 weeks ago 1

Some of my domain outgoing emails are from your email servers. I need to include your SMTP outgoing IP ranges into my domain spf record. Do you have already TXT record for it - something like "spf.protection.outlook.com" for office 365 customers?