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In your Dedicated Hosting plan you have plenty of room to host many email accounts, but if you have a Google Apps account for your home or business, you can continue using your Google mail hosting services with a few modifications in your cPanel. Note: In order to use Google Apps services, you must have an active Google Apps account set up with Google.

Using the Zone Editor tool in the cPanel, as we will cover in this article, you can point the mail traffic for your domain to Google and use your InMotion Hosting dedicated server for your other web hosting needs.

How to Point MX Records to Google

In order to point your domain to Google, you will need to log into cPanel and add these Google MX Records (below) to your domain:

Priority Mail Server

Follow the steps below to add these records:

  1. login to cPanelLog into cPanel
  2. Choose zone editorUnder Domains choose Zone Editor
  3. Find the domainFind the domain for which you are changing the mail server settings
  4. Add a new MX recordClick on +MX Record
  5. fill in the MX recordFill in the priority number and mail server hostname for the first entry above from Google
  6. Click on add MX recordClick on the Add MX Record button
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for the next four records
  8. Click on Manage in the Zone Editor's main screenAfter you have added all of the Google MX records go back to the Zone Editor's main page and click on Manage. You will see the DNS records for your domain.
  9. Click on MX in the filter sectionClick on MX to filter out just the MX records.
  10. delete the default MX recordYou can now delete the default MX record that was configured originally. It is typically set to priority 0 and uses your domain name.

How to change your Server mail routing

Your mail routing can be set to local or to remote. This means that if you're using InMotion Hosting mail servers, then it would be set to local. If you are using a third party service like Google, then it would be set to remote because the email servers are not in the same location as your hosting service. Follow the steps below in order to appropriately set your mail routing.

  1. Login to cPanelLog into cPanel
  2. Select Email RoutingUnder the Email section choose Email Routing
  3. Change to Remote Mail ExchangerChange the Email Routing to Remote Mail Exchanger
  4. Save your changeClick on the Change button in order to save your setting.

Well done! You now know how to point your MX record to use Google Apps mail services.

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