GDPR Compliance in PrestaShop 1.7

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is important for all websites storing customer information. Below we cover how to improve GDPR compliance with the Official GDPR Compliance by PrestaShop module. Configure GDPR Compliance Log into PrestaShop. Select Modules & Services under Modules. Select Selection from the top and search “GDPR“. Press Install under Official GDPR Read More >

Connect PrestaShop with Clicky Analytics

After registering a Clicky Analytics account, PrestaShop 1.7 users can integrate Clicky with a free module available at Below we cover how to integrate Clicky with the free GetClicky module. Connect Clicky Analytics Download the GetClicky module at Log into PrestaShop. On the left, Select Modules & Services under Modules. Select Upload a Read More >

PrestaShop 1.7 Caching

After making big changes in your PrestaShop 1.7 store, you may want to ensure customers see them immediately. Configuring your caching settings can also improve the performance of your website. Below we cover how to clear the PrestaShop cache manually and configure caching settings. Clear Cache Caching Clear your Cache Log into PrestaShop.     Read More >

View PHP settings in PrestaShop 1.7

Although it doesn’t show as much information as a phpinfo page, your PrestaShop 1.7 dashboard can view important settings applied to the site. Below we cover how to view PHP settings in PrestaShop 1.7. View PHP Settings Login PrestaShop. On the left, press Advanced Parameters and Information. Here you can view configuration information related to Read More >

Upgrade Modules in PrestaShop 1.7

Ensuring your website is up to date is an important part of security. Below we cover how to upgrade your PrestaShop modules. Login Prestashop. Select Modules & Services from the left. Select Upgrade beside an individual module or Upgrade All. To learn more about improving your Prestashop website, check our Prestashop Education channel and our Read More >