WordPress Contact Form Not Sending Mail – Basic Troubleshooting

“My form was working before, but now I’m not getting emails from customers.” Or, the issue may be, “I’ve installed a contact form on my site and it’s not working at all. I’m not getting any email from this form.”

Troubleshooting a contact form on your website can be a real headache. Below, you’ll find some easy steps you can take right away to isolate the possible causes of disconnection.

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The contact form is an important part of your marketing effort. It gives your visitors an easy way of getting in touch with you. This lets you build contacts that may turn into future customers. So let’s get your contact form working today.

In this article, you will follow one of two troubleshooting paths:

Contact Form Was Working Before

If your contact form had been working previously, then troubleshooting takes the path of investigation. Something has changed. What should you check first?

Check Email and Server Settings

Email settings can change. If you’re on a shared server, it’s possible your account was moved. You should have received an email from InMotion Hosting letting you know in advance. But in case you didn’t receive that message, no worries, you can check email and server settings in the Account Management Panel:

Once you have the above information, you can check to see if it matches the settings in your contact form.

Did You Recently Move?

Have you recently transferred your website from another host? This can cause difficulty as your contact form is trying to use older server settings. There may even be propagation time resulting from the change in DNS information.

Contact Form Never Worked

If your contact form never worked properly, we will want to take a look at the following scenarios:

SMTP Settings

You’ll want to make sure the contact form is using the server’s mail protocol. Otherwise, the message might get rejected. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is install a plugin like WP Mail SMTP. Put in your account’s email settings and you’re all good.

InMotion Hosting Has You Covered

In most cases, the steps above will solve the contact form issues. However, if the form is still not working, you may need some more advanced troubleshooting. Fear not, InMotion has WordPress experts available 24/7 to help you out. Just reach out anytime, and our live support team will guide you. And remember, you can always leave a comment on this post.

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