Managing your Address Book

Keeping you email contacts organized can be tough, using your email client’s address book can help you stay organized.

What is an Address Book?

Remember the days when everyone used a dayplanner to store important phone numbers and contact information? Email address books are similar since they allow you to store important contact information and make it easy to manage all of your contacts. Most addresses books allow you to store more than just the contact’s email address. Typically, you can store their phone number, street address, full name, and more. This gives you access to all of your contacts whenever you are at your computer.

Why use an Address Book?

Address books can be much easier to manage than other methods of keeping track of your contacts. No longer will you have to remember someone’s personal information such as their email address or phone number. Most address books also allow you to set up contact lists. Contact lists are basically groups set up so you can email multiple people from your address book at once. You no longer have to type out every contact’s email address.

Managing your Address Book

Here are some links you may find helpful when managing your address book. Since each email client is different, there’s Knowledge Base articles for the more popular email clients.

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