How to Use the Export Personal Data Option in WordPress

With the changes and focus on privacy in the internet, WordPress has taken steps to allow for users of your WordPress site to be able to request the removal of their personal data. The added interface allows for the administrator to request a confirmation for data export and removal. Follow the directions below to learn how to use the Export Personal Data interface in WordPress.

How to Export Personal Data in WordPress

  1. Log in to WordPress Administrator as an Admin
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on Export Personal Data
  4. Type in User name or email address for the person requesting the export of their personal data.
  5. Click on Send Request. This sends an email to confirm the export of personal data.
  6. Once the email has been sent, the user will appear in the table below showing as Pending confirmation. The email that is sent to the user will have a link that they must select in order to confirm the data export. When the user confirms the export, the status will change to Confirmed
  7. Once the status has changed to Confirmed, you will need to first download the data. Hover over the user name who has requested the data export. Click on Download Personal Data. You will need designate a location for where the file will be saved. Confirm the location and save the data file.
  8. Click on Email Data. This will send an email with the link to download their personal data.

That completes our tutorial on how to use the Export Personal Data option within WordPress. The user is given 3 days to download the file. After that, the file is deleted automatically.

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2 thoughts on “How to Use the Export Personal Data Option in WordPress

  1. nope
    It does not say how to use the exported data? I can’t find how to import it to an other wordpress site.

    1. This tool is primarily for removing personal data from a WordPress site, typically for privacy requests or GDPR compliance, for example. If you want to migrate a user to another WordPress site, there are 3rd party plugins available to help.

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