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In this article, we will introduce you to the Real Estate Agency WordPress theme by Template Monster. This premium theme is an excellent solution for any real estate agencies to deploy an attractive, responsive website for displaying the amazing properties that may be available.

What it looks like

Real Estate Agency Theme hero

Featured properties and Testimonial sections

Real Estate Agency Theme footer

Real Estate Agency Theme About page

Real Estate Agency Theme Team section

Real Estate Agency Theme Services Page

Real Estate Agency Theme Gallery

Real Estate Agency Theme Blog

Real Estate Agency Theme Contact page

Downloading the Real Estate Agency WordPress theme by Template Monster

  1. First, if you have not already done so, download the Real Estate Agency theme from Template Monster. Be sure that you save this into a location that you will remember as you will need these files in the next steps.
  2. Now that you have downloaded the Real Estate Agency theme file from Template Monster, you will need to extract it as there are several files inside it that you will need. In Most cases, you can simply double-click on the file, then click Extract. Be sure that you extract the files into a location that you will remember later.

Installing the Real Estate Agency WordPress theme

  1. First, log into your WordPress dashboard
  2. Install Themes screen

    Next, navigate to the Appearance section of your WordPress dashboard. Once there, click on Add New, then Upload. Once there, locate the file from the file that you previously extracted. This should be located inside a folder named themes. Once you have installed the file, continues with the theme zip file also located in that same directory. Be sure to activate the theme once the installation has completed.

Installing the theme sample data

  1. Import sample data xml file

    First, navigate to the Cherry Options menu item, then click on Import. Once on the upload screen, click Browse, then navigate to the the folder that you previously extracted. In this screen, you are looking for a file named sample_data.xml. This file is located inside /themes/sample_data/. Once you have selected the file, click Upload File and Import.

  2. assign authors

    Now that you have imported your sample data, you will need to then assign an author to that sample data. In this example, I only have one admin user so I will assign the data to that user.

  3. Widget Settings import

    As the theme is greatly controlled by widgets to make customization a lot easier, you will need to import your widget data. Do do so, click the Browse button and locate your widgets.json file. This file is located in the same location as the sample data. Once this file is selected, click Next.

  4. Disable unneeded widgets

    After importing your widgets file, you will need to select what widgets you want to import. Most users will just leave each box checked here. Click the Next button when finished.

  5. Permalink Settings

    The final step will bring you to your permalinks settings. By default, it set you up with the category, then postname. Of course, you can adjust this to suit your needs but the default will work well for the majority of users.

  6. Setup complete confirmation

    Once this last step is complete, you are ready to start configuration of the Real Estate Agency theme.

Changing your logo

Cherry Options for Logo and Favicon

To change your logo on the Real Estate Agency theme by Template Monster, click on Cherry Options, then on the Logo & Navigation tab. From here, you will have options to select either a text or image logo as well as the ability to change any image logos. If you select a text logo, your site title that is defined within WordPress will be used. For more in-depth information on changing your logo, check out our article on changing logos in the Cherry Framework.

Changing the slider

Slider Settings

To change the slider that the Real Estate Agency theme uses, click on Cherry Options, and then Slider Settings within your WordPress dashboard. Here, you will be able to change the type of slider, as well as other options such as the number of rows, effects, and speeds.

Changing font styling

General font styling

If you want to change the fonts on your site, it is quite simple to do. To change your font options, click on Cherry Options, the on the General tab if you are not already taken there automatically. Here, you will see various options for changing body text as well as heading text. For more in-depth information on this screen, take a look at our article on changing fonts in the Cherry Framework.

Adding/Removing real estate properties

Add New property to portfolio

To add or remove real estate properties, click on Portfolio from within your WordPress dashboard. Here, you will see a listing of various properties that you have placed on your WordPress site. To create one, click on Add New. In the main text box, enter a description of the real estate property that you are adding, as well as any of the various portfolio options that are available.

Adding the primary image to your new listing

Add Featured Image to Listing

The primary image that displays within your real estate listing may be selected by clicking on Set Featured Image towards the bottom right. Once an image is uploaded and selected there, it will display for your listing.

Changing your featured listings on the home page

Change featured listings on home page

By default, your featured listing on the home page will display based on the number of comments on them. As this is not ideal for all individuals, it can indeed be changed to display with a few different other options. To change the listing options, click on Pages to the left, then Home. In here, you should see a heading labeled Featured. The shortcode below it should look something like this:

[posts_grid type=”portfolio” columns=”4″ rows=”5″ order_by=”popular” order=”DESC” thumb_width=”270″ thumb_height=”140″ meta=”no” excerpt_count=”0″ link=”no” custom_class=”featured”]

To edit the order that is displayed here, adjust the order_by variable. Possible options for this are the following:

  • date – Orders your posts by date
  • title – Orders your posts alphabetically by date
  • random – Randomly displays your posts

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