3 Mobile Apps for WordPress Content Creators using Apple iOS

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WordPress content creators aren’t always people sitting behind a nice 32-inch curved monitor sitting (or standing) in an ergonomic position. They’re very often people who don’t necessarily want to lug around a 3-pound laptop with recording equipment and DSLR camera everywhere they go. The fact is that most everyone tends to travel light. This usually includes a smartphone, and/or tablet. The newest iterations of these devices are very capable of capturing audio, video, and images. They’re also quite good at some on-the-spot editing that you can in turn use for your latest WordPress posts. The following article lists 3 useful creative tools for Apple iOS mobile devices that will help you create rich content for your website.

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Affinity Photo for iPad

There are a number of applications you can use for editing images including the newly improved Photos tool provided with the latest version of iOS. However, for the price point ($20) and the power, Affinity Photo is one of the best tools you can get for your iPad.


My boss mentioned this transcribing/recording app and it’s transformed how I gather information from meetings or interviews. If you don’t believe me, give Otter a try. It records and transcribes conversations on the fly. The great thing is that I don’t have to listen to hours of audio to find specific points. I can skim through the transcription to find content. It’s a time-saver and has become one of the most valuable tools on my iPhone. The first 600 minutes of transcription is free per month. You can also upgrade to get 6000 minutes. For more information, check out their FAQ.

Saved conversations in Otter
Otter auto transcribing as it’s recording


For the price of FREE, it’s hard to beat this tool when you’re looking for a competent video editing tool to use on your iPad or iPhone. With the impressive capabilities of the iPhone or iPad to capture video, this tool is an invaluable application that allows you to edit videos for immediate use with your content.

You can use these tools to help create content for your WordPress site while you’re on the go with just your iPhone or iPad. These are just three tools that I’ve used in the past, but they’re some of the best ones for your mobile devices from my experience. These may not necessarily be the best choice for you, but they’re a good start if you’re on the move and can’t bring everything with you. For more information on using WordPress, check out our WordPress Product Guide.

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