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This article describes the iOS email settings available to configure on your mobile devices. You can learn how to view and modify the settings as well as more details about each setting.

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How to View Settings

If you have added your email account to your iOS device, then you may be wondering what options you have to modify the email settings. For iOS devices, you can view them in the Settings application. Simply navigate to Settings > Mail.

How to Modify Settings

Most of the settings available for the Mail application are switched on and off by a toggle. A green toggle indicates that the setting is enabled. A colorless toggle indicates that the setting is disabled.

If the setting requires configuration, rather than simply toggling, the settings are automatically saved as you select them. You can refer to the table below for a brief description of each setting.

What are the Settings?

The Mail Settings are divided into categories. This section will provide a table for each category to briefly describe the settings contained within.


This category allows you to control what is displayed and actions when you are viewing your list of email messages.

SettingDescriptionHow to Configure
PreviewSet the number of lines of the email that will appear in the previewSimply tap on the value you desire
NOTE: To disable preview, select None
Show To/Cc LabelsDisplays a label that indicates whether you were cc’d the email or it was sent to youTap the toggle to enable/disable
Swipe OptionsSet the action that will be taken upon swiping left or right on the message from the message listTap to select the direction fo the swipe
Tap on the action you desire for the swipe direction


This category of settings allows you to control what is displayed when viewing an email message.

SettingDescriptionHow to Configure
Ask Before DeletingEnable/disable deleting an email right away or display a confirmation before deletingTap the toggle to enable/disable
Load Remote ImagesEnable/disable automatically loading images when viewing messages
If disabled you will need to tap on “Load All Images” in the email to load them
Tap the toggle to enable/disable


This category of settings allows you to control how related email messages are organized.

SettingDescriptionHow to Configure
Organize by ThreadEnable/disable displaying related (threaded) emails at the bottom of the messageTap the toggle to enable/disable
Collapse Read MessagesIf Organize by Thread is enabled, enable/disable collapsing related (threaded) messages that have been readTap the toggle to enable/disable
Most Recent Message on Top If Organize by Thread is enabled, enable/disable displaying related (threaded) messages with the most recent message on top of all other related (threaded) messagesTap the toggle to enable/disable
Complete Threads If Organize by Thread is enabled, enable/disable displaying related (threaded) messages found in all mailboxesTap the toggle to enable/disable
Muted Thread ActionIf you have muted a thread, set whether the email messages should be marked as read or archived/deleted upon deliveryTap on the action you desire
Blocked Sender Options If you have blocked a sender, set whether the email messages should be blocked but left in the inbox, moved to the trash, or do nothing (None)Tap on the action you desire
BlockedView, add, and/or remove blocked sendersTap on a blocked sender to view
Tap Add New… to add a sender to the block list
Swipe left on a sender and tap on Unblock to remove a blocked sender


This category of settings allows you to control your experience when composing email messages.

SettingDescriptionHow to Configure
Always Bcc MyselfEnable/disable automatically Bcc’ing the message to the email account you are sending fromTap the toggle to enable/disable
Mark AddressesSet a value to automatically append to email addresses that you do not include onEnter the you would like to automatically append the email address with if no domain is specified
NOTE: If this field is left blank, this feature is disabled.
Increase Quote LevelEnable/disable indentation of messages in replies and forwardsTap the toggle to enable/disable
Include Attachments with RepliesSet how you want attachments to be treated when replyingAlways
When adding recipients
SignatureSet a signature for all accounts or for each account to useTap on All Accounts, to use the same signature for all accounts
Tap on Per Account, to use a different signature for each account
Tap on the text box to edit your signature
Default AccountSet the default email account to compose a message with when you create a message outside of the Mail appTap to select the account you desire

Congratulations, now you know how to modify your email settings using iOS. Customize the settings so that you can enjoy your email experience on your mobile device. If you need to add an email account to your iOS device, check out our guide: How to Add a Mail Account Using iOS 11 to learn how.

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