Managing Subscriptions with Jetpack

Jetpack has an option to manage visitors or users that subscribe to your website. These could be users who are part of your WordPress installation, or visitors who have subscribed to your WordPress site. They can also include people that you have invited to subscribe to your site. We will walk you through the steps to access this portion of Jetpack interface.

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard
  2. In the menu at left, click on Jetpack.
  3. In the Jetpack Dashboard, click on Settings at the top of the screen.
  4. Under the Jetpack logo, you will see a menu bar. Click on Discussion.
  5. Scroll down the options that you see here until you find Subscriptions. By default the options that you see are active. They include: Allow users to subscribe to your post and comments and receive notifications via email, Show a “follow blog” option in the comment form, Show a “follow comments” option in the comment form. Click on any of these options to deactivate them if you wish.
  6. Underneath that section, click on the link labeled View your Email Followers.
  7. At this point, you may need to log in to your account that you created or connected to during the installation of the Jetpack plugin. The screen will jump to the interface. Select the option that you wish to use to manage your WordPress subscriptions The following options are available in the top menu bar:
TeamThis section allows you to invite or manage the role or user who is subscribed to your site. You can also delete the data for that user in this section.
FollowersThese are the visitors to your site that have subscribed. You can manage the user’s data here.
Email FollowersThese are the visitors who have subscribed to your site through email. You can manage the user’s data here.
InvitesHere you can directly send invites to people to visit and subscribe to your site.

Congratulations! You now know how to use the Jetpack plugin to manage your WordPress site subscriptions. To learn more about Jetpack, please check out our articles in the InMotion Hosting Support Center.

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