How to install WordPress 3.4 Beta 1

WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 was recently released. If you’re eager to test out the new features like we are, you’ll first need to download and install WordPress 3.4 Beta 1.

To install WordPress 3.4 Beta 1:

  1. If you need to, create a test directory for your new WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 site. We created a subdomain with a document root of public_html/wordpress3.4
  2. Download WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 to your desktop
  3. Using either FTP or your File Manager, upload the zip file (which you downloaded above) to your site (we uploaded to public_html/wordpress3.4)
  4. Once uploaded to your account, use the File Mangager to Extract the file. When you have extracted it, the WordPress files will be located in another folder, such as public_html/wordpress3.4/wordpress. Again, using the File Manager, move all files within public_html/wordpress3.4/wordpress to public_html/wordpress3.4.
  5. Use the MySQL Database Wizard to create a new MySQL database to use with WordPress 3.4 Beta 1. Be sure to write down the credentials you type in (such as your database name, username, and password)
  6. Now that the WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 files are in the correct folder and you have created a database, visit your WordPress URL to begin the installation process. In our example, we are going to
  7. Click the Create a Configuration File button
  8. On the next page, click the Let’s go! button
  9. Fill out your database credentials. Those credentials will be the database name, username, and password that you created in a prior step using the MySQL Database Wizard. Click Submit.
  10. Click the Run the install button
  11. Enter a Site Title, fill out your Username and Password, enter your E-mail address, and then click Install WordPress.
  12. When you see the Success! message, WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 has successfully been installed!

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