How to install your first Inspiration

After you have installed BoldGrid, it is time to get started building your new website. This will begin by you choosing and installing an Inspiration. An Inspiration is a template that is based on the choices you make regarding category and page set. It comes pre-built and ready to customize so you can make it entirely your own. All of the hard stuff will already be done for you. Below we demonstrate how to set up an Inspiration in your BoldGrid website.

Installing an Inspiration

  1. Log into your website admin dashboard.
  2. Inspirations menuUsing the left-hand sidebar menu, click on Inspirations. You will see this screen if you are installing the inspiration for the first time.
  3. Install new themeClick on the Install as Active button. Remember, this will make the site ‘live’ so changes are all reflected immediately.
  4. Install new inspiration-select categoryStep 1 – Select Category: Now you can select your preferred category by clicking on it. Each category has pre-made templates. If you are not sure which category you want, there is an All category under General. Click on a category, then click on Select.
  5. Select base website - step 2Step 2 – Select a Base Website: The next step allows you to filter the inspirations based on your budget. There is a coin budget selector that deal with how much the typical site will cost in BoldGrid coins. These range from Free to 0-80 Coins. You can also select Show All to see all the templates in the category. Hover over your selected inspiration and click on the Select button.
  6. Select pages for inspirationStep 3 – PagesHere you have the opportunity to select your page set for the inspiration you have selected. The amount of sets listed will differ depending on the template selected, but all will have at least a Base (minimal) and a Kitchen Sink (maximized) version. Click on the radio button next to the page set that you want to use. If you wish to see the website with the page set that you have selected, click on Preview. Otherwise, Click on Select to proceed.
  7. Confirm installation of inspirationYou are given a final confirmation window before installations. If you want to select the current Inspiration, click on Install this website!
  8. Installation CompleteWhen the installation is complete you will see an option that says ready to view. Click on this link to see the installed website. You can also click on Customize in order to immediately make changes to your site.

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