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The BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin allows you to easily replace your default WordPress or NextGEN galleries into your site with very impressive gallery designs. This is perfect if you want to add a bit more functionality to your galleries without much effort. As it seamlessy integrates with both WordPress as well as NextGEN Gallery, it is extremely easy to integrate into any existing galleries that you may already have on your site.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install,configure, and use the BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin.

Installing the BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin

Just as it is easy to implement, the BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin is very easy to install as well. Because it is in the WordPress plugin directory, it can be installed just by searching in your WordPress dashboard.

First, log into your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins to within the left side navigation bar. Then, at the top you will see a button that says “Add new”. If you click on that, you will then be able to search for the plugin that you want to install. If you search for “BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery”, the plugin that you want should be the first result.

After you have found the plugin, click on “Install Now”. WordPress will then automate the installation process. You should see that the installation completed successfully after just a few moments. When done, click on Activate to fully enable the plugin on your WordPress site.

Configuring the BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin

The BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin makes adjusting settings very easy. Once you have it installed and activated, you will see a new option on the left site menu that says BMo Expo. If you click on that, you will see another menu item for Option. Here is where you will go configure the look and feel of the plugin to best integarte with your site, giving your users the best experience possible.

The General tab

This tab is general settings for the plugin. Here, you will see an option for placing the default WordPress

shortcode. Currently, there are two options for this which are scrollGallery and scrollLightboxGallery. The difference in these two is that scrollGallery offers a scroll bar that will open the new image below it, and the scrollLightboxGallery option will open the image clicked into a window covering everything else on the page up. Your choice in this will all depend on individual preference and I recommend playing with each one to see which one best fits your needs.

The General Gallery tab

Within the General Gallery tab in BMo Expo, you will see a few different options to change the appearance of your gallery.

First, is the duration field. This changes the rate at which the scrolling images will pass by for your users to see. If you have a large amount of images, you will want to make it faster so that all of them are displayed without waiting on the page for too long.

The next options determine the width and height of the gallery, as well as the width and height of the individual thumbnails. Adjusting this will help you find the best appearance of your gallery, depending on your theme.

The Scroll Gallery tab

This tab is used for changing things within the Scroll Gallery design if you selected it earlier in the General tab. From here, you can change the design of it, the picture, it wants to ctart on, and various other settings that are available. For most the default settings will be sufficient, but if you want more control over how your gallery is displayed, you may do so here. I won’t go over each of the settings, but I encourage you to play with each of them to gain further control over your site.

The Scroll Lightbox Gallery Tab

This settings tab is similar to the Scoll Gallery tab in almost every way. Here, you can change the design of the Scroll Lightbox option, transparency, scroll speed, and several other options. While I will not give you informaqtion on every option here, I do recomment exploring it to best suit your needs.

Using the BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin

Implementing the BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin into your site is quite an easy task. If you already have the gallery shortcode or are using NextGEN Gallery anywhere within your site, it is already enabled. If you don’t, you may add your WordPress galleries by adding the following code to any of your WordPress pages or posts:

Once you add the gallery shortcode to your post or page, and add a few images to the gallery, BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery will then take over to use all of its functionality.

Thoughts on “BMo Expo WordPress and NextGEN Gallery plugin

  • im using this plugin on but problem is that all images displayed on single page for example celebrities wallpapers, natural and vehicle, all are displaying on one page.

    • This would be due to them all being located within the same gallery. To separate them, create additional galleries within NextGEN Gallery.

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