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InMotion Hosting provides the UltraStack configuration for WordPress for all of its hosting platforms: Shared servers, VPS, or Dedicated servers. This article will focus primarily on VPS Hosting and the WordPress options that it offers.

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Website Options for WordPress Ultrastack VPS

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WordPress Hosting Options – Shared Server

The main reason you will want to use the UltraStack configuration is its performance advantages over a normal VPS installation. The options to reach the optimized UltraStack configuration can be a little confusing. Under the Web Hosting options, you will see WordPress Hosting. If you click in this section you will see the WordPress options starting with the shared hosting server solutions. These range from WP-1000S through WP-4000S. Immediately after the 4000S option will be the VPS option titled WP-VPS. This is actually the first of three options available for the VPS hosting solutions.

WordPress VPS Options

You can directly navigate to the WordPress UltraStack VPS page and you will then see the three levels of VPS hosting available to you.

wordpress ultrastack
Managed VPS options

Select an option and then you will be presented with some configuration options. In order to select the WordPress UltraStack configuration to select the WordPress Configuration as per the screenshot below:

optimized configurations
Select the WordPress Configuration

Your order will then be automatically configured to use the UltraStack configuration. Using the VPS hosting solution for WordPress gives you more flexibility and power that will not find on a shared server. To see the specifications for each VPS option, check out the Managed VPS page on the InMotion Website.

For more information, please see our other UltraStack articles.

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