Setting Up UltraStack for your Hosting Account

You now understand the UltraStack configuration and you want to purchase an account with InMotion Hosting. How is it done? It’s actually quite simple! The setup is completed after you select the configuration on the InMotion website. We will step you through the process in the tutorial below.

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Start at the InMotion Hosting Website

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setting up ultrastack 1

The first step to getting a subscription for a hosting account is to simply go to the InMotion Hosting website. Once you’re there, select the plan that you want to use. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be selecting a VPS account.

If you want to select a shared server using the UltraStack configuration, you can choose between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting. If you go with WordPress Hosting, you will have the option to not install WordPress and simply install your own CMS as needed. You will see it described in the next step.

Selecting the UltraStack Configuration

If you have selected WordPress Hosting, you will see the option below:

WordPress shared server configuration
To use UltraStack with Shared servers, select WordPress Hosting and then choose the “Don’t Install” option as shown above

Notice that there is no other option for configuration. This indicates that the configuration is already set to use UltraStack. If you select the VPS or Dedicated Hosting plan then you will see the following:

select the configuration

Here you will be given a choice of Data Centers. Always choose the center geographically closest to your viewer/customer base. The Standard configuration does not use the UltraStack configuration. You would need to choose either the WordPress Configuration or PHP Configuration to use Ultrastack.

When you have completed selecting then you will be asked to log into your InMotion Hosting Account Management Panel. If you haven’t created the account then you will have the option to create one.

Use this guide for information on scaling with UltraStack, and this one for details on UltraStack configurations. Visit our other tutorials to learn more about UltraStack.

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